Join my world and work with me

Yes, yes I know what you think. Does she really think someone wants to work with here although her Blog just started out? I am going to tell you one thing.

No freaking idea. But it doesn't cost me anything to have these options open, so I might as well advertise it on here and hope for the best I guess?


Once you have read your way through the information of what I can provide you with, please click here to fill in the contact sheet so I can reply ASAP or write an email at

Any Jobs you would like me to do?

I can offer you a range from jobs that I can do to promote your business, hotel, restaurant, travel gear etc.

To me, there is no better way to promote yourself then through a blogger that knows what people want to hear.

Yes I am new, but I am steadily growing and I am psyched to get into business with you.


I simply love food..and tech..and sleeping. And everything that doesn't have to do with a lot of effort.

  • Hotel & Hostel Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Travel Gear
  • Airline Review
  • Destination Review
  • Product Review
  • Excursions
  • Airport Lounge Review

If you have anything else that I can promote you with contact me with your ideas.

PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Please be aware that all travel costs etc. should be covered.

Download my Media Kit.


You want your own advertising space on my blog to drive traffic to your company, service or similar?

I can do this for you. I can do the following:


  • Branded Posts to promote your business or product or anything else travel related
  • Have banner space of the following sizes: 350*350 // 786*80 //


Download my Media Kit.



  • Branding of Website / Blog
  • Branding of Social Media Channels
  • Set up of 2 Social Media channels
  • Logo Creating and full on Web Design
  • Daily posting on channels / one month
  • Replying to customer emails
  • Email Consulting

(Fee of Upgrade + Selfhosting incl. in Price)


Price: 1380 EUR incl. VAT


  • Set up of website/blog
  • Full Branding from Website to Social Media channels
  • Logo Creation + Full on Web Design
  • Set up of up to 4 Social Media channels
  • Posting daily on channels / one month
  • replying to customer comments and emails
  • Email Consulting
  • Set up of Google Adsense (if desired)

(Fee of Upgrade + Selfhosting incl. in Price)


Price: 2080 EUR incl. VAT


  • Branding your Social Media channels
  • Set up of 2 Social Media channels
  • Daily posting on channels / 10 hours
  • Replying to customer comments
  • Email Consulting

Price: 480 EUR incl. VAT

Email me NOW to get your package booked in or simply if you have any further questions, just ask me. I don't bite.

Re-Branding your Company

You already  have a business and social media channels but it is out dated and doesn't catch your customer's eyes anymore?

Maybe you just need a re-branding of your website / blog and your social media channels.

Prices are negotiable.


Other VA (Visual Assistant) services available. Not sure if I cover any of your desired search? Simply send me an email and I will get in touch with you.