26. December 2017
You know the time before smartphones? Where you had to get a film and wait for days for your pictures to be developed not knowing if they look great. Not being able to put a filter on this raw element hoping to hide that pimple that grew over night.

04. December 2017
Do you always see those BORING posts where everyone acts the same as if their travel guide is "THE ULTIMATE GUIDE" to Takatukaland or wherever? Yeh, well I am sick of reading those because guess what it ISN'T the ultimate guide. But they are good to read through and get ideas for your trip of course. Anyway, I thought I will show you something different and . . .

21. November 2017
Christmas is coming and you still don't have a present for your adventure seeking girlfriend or father? Don't worry I have the ultimate gift guide(s) for every kind of traveler. Budget, Boss Girl or Family Traveler. Here you will find whatever you need and you can shop directly!

14. November 2017
This is probably the longest travel hack list you will ever find. From Airport hacks, to Packing Hacks, to flight hacks and various others. I love being a Travel Hacker and sharing my experience with you to make your travel life a hell of a lot easier.

05. November 2017
Since I made Blogging my business I had to get real and to the bottom of social media. I am an addict when it comes to Pinterest so I made this my main priority. So I will give you the ULTIMATE guide on how to grow your monthly viewers from 5k to 15k in less than 30 days and the audience is statically growing.

01. November 2017
You want to set up a blog but you don't know how and what will happen after? Well I will give you this simple guide on how to set up a blog but also the ice cold through about things I wish I knew before I started my blog so you know what you are getting yourself into.

31. October 2017
In a life of technology we always have everything at our finger tips. However when it comes to traveling it is hard to find the best apps out there to help you guiding yourself around of what to see at your destination. But don't worry I have it all figured out for you. Here are my 7 free travel apps I cannot live without.

30. October 2017
You have been asking yourself, what is a digital nomad? Or you know what a digital nomad is and want to become one yourself but you don't know where to start? Well, I know how that feels like. But keep reading and you will learn how to become a digital nomad.

29. October 2017
You know how everyone says: Oh traveling is expensive. I don't have the money for it. And all that Shite. Well traveling for a) doesn't have to be expensive and b) quit buying the shit you don't need and save that money. But don't worry these are some money saving tips that you can use to save big time and travel the world.

29. October 2017
It is always exhausting because the internet is expanding and there are so many sites and tips and apps out there to help you plan your trip and all that jazz. So I have put together a compilation of the apps and websites that I use to plan my travels.

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