My personal travel tips and Items

...and things I love the most

You are probably thinking: "Why the hell are you showing us this picture of you in the ocean. In Boracay?" Well first of all, I think it's a nice picture. And 2nd, why not share it. Maybe it gives you some inspiration to go, to not be afraid and simply do whatever it is that you want to do.

Now coming back to the essentials of this page. I want to make sure that I share everything with you that I use on my travels.

From things like: Hotel resources, books, equipment and other things that I use to make it the best travel experience ever.

Now don't think that these resources are the best to work for you, but they do for me. So just give it a god damn and try and figure out yourself if it works.

And if not...well then I guess you did something wrong. Or me. Or the resources.

But let's start and see.

The best flight search engines

To me the best search engine out there. I think I only bought one flight one day on a different website rather than and that was only because of the payment option. You can look for One Ways, Returns and Multi City flights. And this engine has the cheapest flights for sure. You can even look for "Take me anywhere" and Momondo gives you all the options withavarage prices. You also have a price clanender to check when it is cheaper etc. My number #1 when it comes to cheap flight deals. Always trusted.

Not alot of people have heard from this website.

But itis great and does it'ss job. Same like momondo it is a flight search engine but with way too many freaking options for me. You can look by the radius, price and all that stuff. So if you are really tight on budget and you need to know exactly where the web takes you this is a great site but I love it simple.

MY must have Gadgets


It is a simple camera with all the functions you need.

Especially when you are not a professional photographer and don't know where the heck left or right is.

Never the less, it is small, takes great pictures as you can see on my blog and it is cheap.


You can seriously use any laptop that doesn't have the size of an elephant or

weights like one. I got this because it's called Transformer *hint* and you can take the

desktop off and use it like a tablet.

It is super light and easy to use and super cheap. Great for travels.

Where I choose to stay for me has been the BEST deal in all times. I can easily find the best accomodation for literally the best price. They Pricematch everything for you and when you have an account use can make a booking withing literally 3 seconds. Everything is transparent and no hidden costs. By the lucky way, if you click here you will get 15£ off of your next booking. Isn't that great? So get this started. I put my hands in fire for this accomodation search engine.
I am in LOVE with AirBnB. Especially when I go on a nice break away with my girls and wanna trash a house. Just joking of course. If you love cooking for yourself and rather feel like you are a citizen and and love the privacy then AirBnB is great for you. Houses rented out by local people for a great price. I love it. And now they even have the new option to look for "experiences" to do in the place you are staying. Oh one more thing, if you follow the link here you will be able to gt 30£ off of your next stay. How great. Let's get those houses booked.

Just like, Agoda is also a great platform for a hotel search engine. It finds great accomodations at great prices. I definitely recoomend this.

However I am not a fan that it doesn't show you the price for the whole amount of nights you are going to stay there. And the tax is not included and will only be visible later. So be aware of this.

Living with locals? Getting the real travel experience? Getting local insider tips, knowing where to go with not tourists? Staying with them for free?

Making new friends? I guess this is what everyone wants and this platform will be the best for you. Of course it is for free but it is always nice to give a little present to your host to remind them that you are grateful. So don't think about taking the piss ey.

The bible of all bibles

When it comes to reading sources, blogs are obviously of the best. And yes, the kindle is super easy to take in your backpack and light. However, there are some people that still prefer to have the book in there hands and flip the pages around. But don't worry about this.

The LONELY PLANET is the ultimate resource for all your needs. They have books and PDF files for your kindle. They got everything included in those books, hotel recommendations for all price ranges, activities to do in each city, where to go, what to see, maps and even phrases in the local language to learn something new

and to help you get around of the English language is not enough to get a damn beer. I swear on Lonely Planet.

My most trusted bank

Monzo isn’t your typical banking app. It’s powerful, fast, and beautiful.


Get instant spending notifications, add receipts to your purchases, manage your budget, and more. They don’t charge setup or usage fees, and there are zero charges for spending abroad.

The travel insurance we all trust

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Why buy travel insurance from World

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