How to take better Travel Pictures

You know the time before smartphones? Where you had to get a film and wait for days for your pictures to be developed not knowing if they look great. Not being able to put a filter on this raw element hoping to hide that pimple that grew over night. Yeh I sure know these times still. And I do still love taking pictures like that sometimes actually, it's fun.

But not that we have this technology on hand why not use it to enhance our skills and pictures to make them as beautiful as our memories?

I may not be a pro in taking pictures. I do not have a full on skill and not a full on 10000 $ camera set. But you don't know god damn need it regardless to what people tell you. You can do this all with your smartphone too.



These are the fucking essentials. Don't believe me? Well why read through these quick tips, try them a couple of times and see for yourself if they work!?


No.1 Use Grid lines to balance your shot

This is where we will be working with "the rule of thirds". Quiet sure you may have heard this term before.

A simply way to improve your photography skills and your photos is by using grids. The grid will split your picture into nine sections (the rule of thirds). Let me give you an example to tell you what I mean. Let's say you are in Paris and you want to take a picture of that scrap metal piece, what's it called..Oh yeh, Eiffel Tour. So imagine taking a picture of that. Making sure that the Tour is aligned with the grid guidelines and their section points. This will give you picture more of a balance andd more appealing and attractive for your eyes.


No.2 Work that negative space

We ain't talking about that disgusting negative filter that feels like you are tripping. Negative space refers to

the area / empty area in your picture surrounding your image. Surrounding the element you want to take a picture of. This will make a picture look more clean and appealing to the people you want to attract. It will make sure that you subject stands out more, is in focus and this trick will surely take your pictures from great to awesome.


No.3 The angle is the dangle. 

OK I know this made no sense but don't you think it kinda does? Anyway,

trying to find a different perspective can keep your pictures memorable for others. Shoot buildings from the bottom up. Or from the top down. Found a crazy looking building? Trying shooting it from different sides. Like Gaudi's art in Barcelona. Different angles can give your pictures more depth. 



No.4 Reflection is your protection

Now OK, I know this heading makes no sense but play with reflections. This is something so stimulating for our brain. Seeing still water and the beauty of nature of a building, painting, anything, reflecting perfectly in it. It is pleasing for our eye. So go out after a rainy day and get those mirror shots girls (& boys :))


No.5 Color Blocking

This is another thing we love. And especially I do. I used to do this a lot. Editing your pictures where everything is in a grey scale and just this one special thing is colored in. This is an eye catcher for everyone and definitely will catch a lot of peoples attentions. 


No.6 Do not, under any circumstances, ZOOM IN!

NEVER, EVER! You wanna catch something that's in the distance? Well, guess what lazy bum. Get closer! Especially with your smart phone cameras the picture will certainly loose its quality when you zoom is. No matter how much you will edit it, this photo will not be any better.Trust us. You must've seen some of those floating around on Instagram. Even worse when you try to do it on a night time shot. URGH!


No.7 Focus & Light

It is always annoying, knowing when you travel that this one place you want to take a perfect picture of at day time to get the natural light, will be full of tourist. You should always try to work with natural light. It is a rainy day? No worries, this can give your pictures great character. Just make sure that you will have BRIGHT florescent light.

And focus on little details. Try to focus on the foreground rather than the background even if the background is what you want. This way it will give your pictures more character and depth! Like this pathetic swing set down here for example which I found on google so I can give you an example.


Editing your photos

Yes, I use filter Bitches! So What?

Simply click to tweet this girl!


So you have taken these beautiful pictures which are great by the way. Well fucking done on that job! But when you upload them to your computer (for example) the colors aren't as great anymore.

Here are some software's I use to edit my pictures on my laptop:


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom

Now since we are talking about only working with your smartphone pictures and keeping them on there so you can Instagram the shit out of life, here are the apps you should use have and live with to edit your pictures.

  • VSCO Cam (sure you heard of it)
  • Snapseed (optional)

Now the free version of VSCO is great. It has beautiful filters and still the same editing options like on the paid version. HOWEVER... I never thought I would say this. I don't pay for apps or upgrades. The premium version of VSCO (which can also edit videos btw) costs 18-19 Euros per annum. PER AnNUM GUYS! That's like 1 Euro whatever a month.This upgrade was the best thing I have ever done seriously. I was like, yeeeh I will just try it and once the trial is over I just cancel it and that was my romance. STOP RIGHT THERE.

Once I saw all these beautiful filters I couldn't help but actually get addicted to them. I think you have like 3 trillion filters on there. (That's a sarcastic joke btw) But you have shit loads guys. This will give you a wide variety to edit them same picture in million different way to find your style and edit your pictures the same way over and over again. You can even create your own filters and save them. 


The best filters on VSCO:

HB1 & HB2


Crop your picture to get the attention on a specific subject. Don't zoom as mentioned before in point number 7.


So what's the conclusion of all this? Your smartphone can take great pictures. Just try and fail and try again really. Bitch, ain't nobody got rich just by praying for it. They worked for it. So work on your skills and you will get there, alright?!


Now that I have come to the end of my post of course, I am hoping to hear some more tips of you guys. What do you do to get amazing smartphone pictures of your travels? Or of anything really.

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Well guys, I love your support, and I love seeing you coming back. So thanks for everything. I hope you had a great C hristmas and forget those 2018 resolutions. Just live your god damn life OK? :)


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