Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travelling

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.

The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

– Albert Einstein


Do your research, book in advance


Make sure you read about your dream destination. Choose a place that is safe. Check the weather and dress code so you at least no some basics about your destination and can easily adjust. I would recommend South America, Thailand, Europe and the Philippines as your first destination for your

first female solo trip. These countries are easy to get around, are cheap (except Europe in Summer of course) and they are safe.

Also book at least the first night of your first city stop in advance. And then you can go from there.

Face your fears


The world is a magical and incredibly beautiful world. Don't be intimidated by it. Traveling is all about getting out of your comfort zone and

trying things you would've not thought of in your safe home and your little bubble. 


Don't let a small bad experience or your insecurity get in your way and strapped to one place and not being able to enjoy yourself

and let the fear get in your way. It will ruin you and the things you can experience out there.


Picking the right destination


Make sure you pick a destination where it's safe. Because let's face it. As awesome as female solo travelling is, it is also more "dangerous".

Because people simply see us as more vunerable. So check out reports of crime for example?


It will make you feel more relaxed, rather than having the feeling to constantly watch the corners of your eyes for pocket thieves or anything alike.

It is great to know the basic to know what you can kind of expect.


You think you packed light? Pack even lighter


I travel with carry-on luggage. 30L. MAX!

Do not overpack things, because 60% of the stuff you have packed you will never wear or use.


Just pack  few shirts, best in basic colors.

1 shorts and jeans and a MAX of 3 pair of shoes.


You will not need more. Trust me on this one, the less you have with you the more freedome you will receive.


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Surviving the flight. Especially long-haul


Flying 10 hours or more in a cramped seat isn't really a comforting feeling. Maybe you were lucky and got an upgrade?

Well then all I can say is lucky B**ch. I wish I had that.


But there are definitely ways to make yourself feel more comfortable.

Wear lose clothes and slip on shoes so you can move around and don't have the nagging feeling of your jeans up your arse.

Get some mints and a mini travel deodorant . BAM! Flight done!


Or check out my post for the perfect carry on luggage. This will help you survive a long haul flight.


Ps: I hope you liked the post and maybe you know someone that wants to go on their first solo female trip? Well then why not share these amazing tips with them :).

Thanks, Selma x