The PERFECT Foodie guide to Antwerp

Handwerpen, Antwerpen, Diamondcity, Fashionglobaldisctrict. Call this City whatever the hell you want. But this city has got some class and it literally has everything that all the other cities in Belgium not have. So go on Brussels, Brugge and Ghent. Move out of the freaking way and make some space for Antwerp. Because I will show you how what city is really like. The good and the ugly truth. Sorry not Sorry!



Everyone that knows is that I am a Guru when it comes to food alright? And now that I am trying to stop smoking I eat even more then before. Fuck knows how that is possible. But anyway how great is it to come to a new country and try out their national foods? Buuuuh Belgium you kind of suck in this because you don't have your own foods. Mussels are not your national dish, you are just good at them. And Belgian waffles are actually not Belgian waffles. They are just waffles. Sorry to slap the truth in your face. But don't worry about it. Although Belgium doesn't have proper proper traditional dishes (Apart from Belgian Stews) they do know how to make great food.

Let me introduce you to some amazing places that I have been to and that I would definitely recommend.


* Price Range: $ Small price || $$ Medium || $$$ expensive


Sebastien - In the heart of the city of Antwerp, Sebastien is a well designed business. With them it is all about the balance of your body and that's how their menu was designes. Everything is healthy as fuck. It's that healthy I can't help myself but get some frituur (translated: deep fried food) afterwards. A LITTLE bit pricier then other cafes that I could go to, but the quality is worth it.

Price Range: $ - $$



Barnini (Fav. <3) - Barnini is great. Located at this old Shipyard I think it is over looking the market  on a Sunday morning. This placcve gives you the feeling of being in an old hippy fisher place, with the retro chairs and tables randomly thrown together. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picutre. But thats only because the food was so amazing. Trust me on the, Lunch or Breakfast - These bagels gave me an orgasm. They were super delicious. The coffee could've been better for my taste but that's only because I am spoilt when it comes to coffee :D. One more thing, they do not accept Card payment. Only cash. Make sure you have some on you. If not don't worry. 200m down the road there is a cash machine.

Price Range: $ - $$


Exki - Another super healthy place, omg I just realised how much healthy shit I eat, I think I owe myself a burger later guys. But anyway, this place is nice but sometimes really crowded. I love the super fresh mint tea and the food is tasty but I would say waaaaay too pricey for the portions that you receive. Your choice in the end.

Price Range: For what it is I would say $$


Elli's Irish Pub - What else would you expect from you? You really think someone from England can travel somewhere without going to an irish pub since they are literally anywhere? Well, you guessed wrong. Elli's is great. Right by the beautiful central station of Antwerp this Irish pub is great. It straight awy makes me feel like home. And I gotta say, please see above, the Burgers there are delicious. 

Price: $ - $$


Balls & Glory (Biggest Fav. of All <3)- And last but not least the best of them all I think. First of all please go back to the beginning of the section and read the name again. Balls & Glory? How stupidly awesome is that name, please. You cannot disagree. This delicious food place, which I have to HIGHLY recommend is just opposite the beautiful MAS (Museum aan de Stroom). The interior is fantastic and this place basically makes the traditional meatballs but then also with strange but awesome combinations, you can then choose if you want it with Stoemp (translated: Mash) or like a salad or something else. The food is so freaking delicious maaaaan. I think I'll go again today. Haha. But anyway also the design of their takeaway boxes is absolutely adorable. Go Balls&Glory!

Price Range: $ - $$


Quetzal (the best of the best <3) - Well I may have been talking about food the whole time but not cafes. So I will introduce to you. The best of the best that you can go to if you are a sucker for Hot Chocolates and Brownies and Fondues and Molleuxs or anything chocolate related. I am a loyal customer to this place and dare to say that i come here everyday at least :D. Well I am trying because their hot chocolates and brownies are so god damn delicious.

Price Range: $


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't Hofke

 Situated in the heart of the city, this place is not easy to find. You have to walk-through some alleys and then there is this beautiful random door in one of the buildings. Shall I go through? Fuck yes. These are the places I love. In the middle of tourists but still not known to others. In the middle through ruins and beautiful alleys there is this Lunch and Tea Room. But yes you can also have dinner there. Please go, trust me you will not regret it. The food is great. And it ranges from any variety of European food. There's also a great hidden art gallery.

Price Range: $$


barBASIL - Yes you see this correctly. It is Basil not Brasil :D A cute little cafe close to the famous church and next to a great lunch place which you also have to try "Manhattn Burger". It is nice to just relax here and have a great Moroccan Mint tea. This place for sure has the cosyness that I miss in other places. It gives out the warmth and the blankets are so useful in the cold winter months. 



I am quiet sure that I made you hungry and I hope I made you come to Antwerp too. Trust me you will not regret this. By the way. I made this city my base now. So please hook me up when you are here. I would like to show you around :)


Ps.: Share this with everyone who is crazy about food as me and who might have foodie bucket list :)


xo, Selma.

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