The little bit you need to know about me


Launched in 2017, brand new but still pretty awesome, this Blog is all about People wanting to get out of their routine, finding new purpose in life and finding a way to travel around the world and live. I am here to show you how and take you on a journey around the globe.

The reason why I am here an typing the hell out of my fingers is because I want to share my values with you.

Again, you can define that the way you want I guess.


The reason why I am doing this is because being free, having this freedom and taking leverage in your life, not waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning to get ready for work, being stuck in traffic, it starts raining, you get soaking wet and already angry once you get to the office, that is NOT what I want.

And I am sure the reason you are here is because you share the same damn perspective. All I got to say is.


Yes, some people may not agree to the way I write my posts and how I speak but hey I am an open persona. I want you to know exactly how I am and not

change my way of speaking just so you stay here.

This blog is for everyone that is a travel freak and for people who want to work independently and fill their life with joy.


In my posts you will learn a lot about the places that I go and visit, give you insider tips and how you can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

If this is what you want then again, you come to the right place.

The best thing to get started on this website is to literally just click on TRAVEL BLOG in the menu and look around.

How I started you asked?

Well that is quiet a simple question to answer and one I have heard about a dozen of times.

I got to say, I was always a shy little girl and once I hit 16 years I went into the "F*ck everything" mode.

Tbh, I didn't have anything to lose and making a website or blog with Jimdo is the easiest thing to do. You don't need to know how to use HTML or Photoshop.

You can learn all about this online and you probably have friends that are obsesses with making their ass bigger then there is a big possibility 

the know how to operate Photoshop :D


I just went for it because I didn't have anything to lose and I am sick of 9-5 Job life style. Sick of people living blindly in this world and not being able to see another way around things. Going to work at the same time. Seeing the same stupid faces all the time. AAARGH! Just thinking about it makes me angry. So I decided to simply quit my job and just go for it. Do you not have the urge of being somewhere where you are not?


I am an extrovert traveler/person and open to the world and people and too many people are not like that. So I want to give you the nudge. And I know you can do this.

Life has so much more to offer you wants you let go of your old bad habits and just go with what your guts tell you.

The timeline of my life

2010 Quit job and uni

06/2010- 10/2010 Went traveling

10/2010 returned, new job - hated it

2011 quit job again and went traveling

2012-2016 lived in 5 different countries and traveled

2016-09/2017 new job, loved it - hate it now, started traveling again, although I had no savings, hoping for some luck


I may not have a bachelor or a masters degree. I may not have had a cooperative job that I worked at for years and have a massive knowledge. But I know about the things I love and putting them into action and tht has thrived me to write a travel blog and teach you guys how I go traveling, what tips and tricks there are, writing about travel hacks, luxury and budget travel. Anything that I have a clue of and love, that is what I will be writing about.


And not only that, I will also teach you on how to create your own blog and make money with it and start traveling full time (if that is what you want) or simply being your own boss and running an online business.

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So guys, I guess this is all I want to say for now as my fingers started to bleed. Not literally but figuratively.