How to: Mind-Blowing Airport and Travel Hacks you didn't know about

That cringing feeling when you stand in the security line again, with 500 annoying people

in front of you that keep forgetting to take the keys out of their pockets, don't take their valuables

out before getting in front of the security lane or keep standing on one side of the line

and don't let anyone else pass because they are so lazy. But don't worry, no need to be annoyed about them anymore because if you use this and share these tips with them there will be no raging anymore. 


These tips are for all solo travelers, single mom's that travel, single daddies that travel or whole families. Business man or woman. Doesn't matter. These tips and hacks are for every person out there.

I know there is a hack more that I could write down (haha see what i freaking did there :D?) but I wouldn't be finished by tomorrow. So Let's start :)

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What I will cover

Packing Hacks:

Roll your clothes

Drying Sheet in your backpack

Plastic Wrap on Toiletries

Ear rings on a button

Bobby Pins in Tic Tac Container

Organise Outfits with resealing Bags

Let this app pack for you

Ditch the Make Up (Life Changer)


Airport Hacks:

Roll back time on computer for more WiFi time.

Go left! Trust me!

Turn sunglasses into Phone stand

How to entertain your kids

Have a portable charger with you

Use a Fragile Sticker on Luggage

Have an empty water bottle with you

Best hack for free WiFi

Unpack while in Line

Wear slip on shoes


From Economy Class to First Class:

Take the Window Seat

Wear loose clothing 

No alcohol or coffee - drink water

Take care of your face skin

Make yourself comfortable on your seat

Bring healthy snacks

Use your own headphones

Don't bore yourself to death

Bring everything to make your sleep better


Various other Hacks:

Screenshot your travel directions

Biodegradable sunscreen

Empty chap stick for valuables 

Sunglasses case to store cables

Foursquare for WiFi passwords





#1 Roll your clothes

This is an essential packing hack for everyone. Remember that time when you went backpacking with a 40L backpack and returned with 50L because you found those great bargain shirt on the market in Bangkok? Well if you would only roll your clothes that wouldn't be necessary. It saves you so much space.

Tip! To be more organized put your rolled clothes in packing cubes or put them in vacuum bags to safe even more space


#2 Drying Sheet in your backpack

This will keep the smell and terrible odours out of your clothes and backpack and it will always smell fresh. Or use a one of the packed up hotel soaps in your dirty laundry too to keep it smell nicer.


#3 Plastic Wrap on Toiletries

That time when you had your shampoo in the luggage, it got thrown around and BOOM! It opened up and covered your clothes in Shampoo. (I am glad this is not happening to me anymore) . Simply take the cap off of your toiletries put plastic wrap on the opening (yes it can hang over the opening) and then simpl screw the top back on again. No more leaking toiletries!


#4 Earrings on a button

I'm the earring on the button babyyy! Sorry I was just listening to Genie in a bottle. However if you are an organisation freak as me or you keep losing your ear rings like me then don't worry no more. Take a button and pput your earrings on it. Done!


#5 Bobby Pins in Tic Tac Container

Those million times when you went to Primark to buy 5 million bobby pins for 3GBP and 2 days later you only have 7 left. Well make your everyday life and travel life easier by keeping your bobby pins in a Tic Tac Container. You can also cover it with Washi Tape to make it look fancy.


#6 Organise Outfits with resealing Bags

Ok, I don't need to do that because I travel light weight and only carry on. But for people that love bringing 20 kilos and pack up their luggage until the clothes are squished like sardines, this will be perfect.

Organise your Outfits, day by day, and pack them in resealing bags so you don't need to think about what you want to wear.

Read here for my ultra light packing list if you want to learn how to travel like a minimalist!


#7 Let this app pack for you

For people that don't know how to pack or don't know what to pack, simply google "what to pack for ... (and then the city you go to or the country). Just kidding. Jokes aside, I mean don't get me wrong there are great packing lists out there but the Packlist app is great. It creates a packing list depending on duration and the kind of trip you are doing.

Also check: 7 Travel Apps I cannot live without! (The pack list in there too!)


#8 Ditch the Make Up! This is a life changer!

You might think this is too much money but ths is THE BEST INVESTMENT in make-up you will ever make.

I am personally not a make up fan. When I usually go traveling I NEVER wear make up. Unless I go for a fany dinner for whatever then I sometimes like to put a bit of Mascara on.
However I have tried a Multi-Use Cream stick from Birchbox one day and was flashed but when I found the MILK MAKEUP Holographic Stick my life changed. It is vegan and has a multi purpose function. Use it as a highlighter, eye shadow, on your cheeks to make you look rosy or on your lips. Yes it costs more than people would sometimes pay but this investment is so worth it to me.

Buy it here:

MILK MAKEUP Holographic Stick


Cheap version:

Pixi by Petra





#1 Roll back time on computer for more WiFi time.

Now this has helped me so many times. You know when you sit at the airport and go: Oh i need to check something! And you only get like 30 minutes or an hour of WiFi. But just make sure that you turn your time back on your computer by two hours before your free WiFi time is over, to get another hour.


#2 Go left! Trust me!

You probably ask yourself what I mean by that. Have you realised how many people stay on the right side at the airport security? And how lazy they are to go to the left and more and more people queue up behind you because of Mother Nature in front of you? Yeh well, studies have proven that most people are right handed and therefore stay on the right side. Honestly, I think they are just fucking lazy! I always go left and usually get past security in less than 30 seconds.


#3 Turn sunglasses into Phone stand

Turn your sunglasses upside down and put them on the table for your phone as a phone stand.

In the airplane you can do the method mentioned above or you can also (and this is my personal favorite that I use) put your phone in a clear plastic bag and hang it in that little table button notch security thing of the table in front of you. I hope you know what I mean. What is that called anyway? Please let me know in the comments below.


#4 How to entertain your kids

Now if you are a single mom or dad or even a family and you go traveling with kids, I can imagine it can someitmes be super stressful and all you want to do is to entertain your kids. Well what about getting them an activity book? And since we are talking about traveling what about a travel colouring book for example?

Lonely Planet has an amazing one and it isn't even expensive. Or maybe even for yourself?

The Lonely Planet colouring book is here for 6.90 GBP (which is more for adults really)

Or specially made for kids:

The World's Cutest Animal Colouring Book (Lonely Planet Kids) for 6.99 GBP


#5 Have a portable charger with you

You never know if there are charging points or outlets or if there is a spot free. So make sure you always have a portable charger with you. But what you can also do, most airports have high end TV's nowadays which also have a USB plug in the back. Shove your phone in there and charge it. I bet nobody thought of that :)

This is the best charger you can find. It has a lot o power and will charge even 2 phones at ones, super fast.

Or be eco friendly and get a solar powered charger. I am considering getting one. Now the one I have linked in this text has been rated the best in the overall section and this is why I am showing that to you.

Now these are bigger but then again and a lot more expensive than a charging bank but then again, these are freaking SOLAR panels ok. They can be worth the investment. Yes you WILL find cheaper ones, but they are also considered to be shit so.


#6 Use a Fragile Sticker on Luggage

People at the airport will instantly take more care of your luggage and it won't be thrown around. 


#7 Have an empty water bottle with you

You won't be spending a huge amount on airport drinks. Simply get an empty water bottle from home or best is even a collapsible drink bottle so you can fill it up once you are past security. Also good for your travels on the road.


#8 Best hack for free WiFi

Now, I have not tried this one myself because whenever I wanted to I forgot about it but it is worth a try right?

When you are at an airport add " ?.jpg " at the end of any URL and this will apparently bypass the expensive WiFi costs.


#9 Unpack while in Line

As mentioned alread in the "Go left" section, people are so slow and fucking lazy it is unbelievable I go nuts when I see people in front of the freaking security and haven't unpacked their stuff yet. Dude, you already know you need to take it out, so do it while you are in the god damn line alright?

Ain't nobody got time for that!


#10 Wear slip on shoes

Simply because there are so much more comfy on the flight itself but at some airports it is a must to take them off before going through security. And it is annoying knowing that you really wanted to wear those awesome slip-on's you have at home but instead you went for your converse because you wanted to seem stylish. MEEEH! FAIL! Please see point number #2 in the next section for that :D





#1 Take the Window Seat

Arguable the best seat in a flight (if you HAVE TO BE economy) is the window seat.

You have a wall to lean against if you want to take a nap, no butts squished in your face for coming past you and you have a great view. So make sure to always have a window seat.

If you don't have one, wait till everybody is seated and ask the cabin crew if there is a free window seat and if you can move. Usually that is not a problem.


#2 Wear loose clothing 

Nobody wants to sit in an 19 hour flight and wear a tight body suit and skinny jeans.

Put comfortable loose fitting clothes on and wear compression socks. This will also help your blood flow and to stay healthy on a long haul flight. You will thank me for this ;)


#3 No alcohol or coffee - drink water

I say no alcohol and no coffee, but yes when you have breakfast you can have ONE coffee. But don't over do it. Because all this will dehydrate you. So make sure you drink lots of water.


#4 Take care of your face skin

Because of the altitude and the recircled (can u even say it like that, well you all know what I mean anyway...I hope) air in an airplane can cause your skin stress. So wear less make up and put on some night cream moisturizer. Why night cream? Because it stays on your skin longer to get sucked in and it does it's job and make you fell fresh.


#5 Make yourself comfortable on your seat

You should move around in your seat at least ever 30 minutes. Stretch a bit. Move your legs. Arms. Yawn. Do the Makarena, maybe others will follow. But you know what I mean. Just to keep you alive.


#6 Bring healthy snacks

Bring your own little healthy snacks. How much I hate hearing that "BING!" on an airplane every 5 minutes because some wants something. Have granola bars with you or dried fruits or whatever. NOTHING SMELLY! Be cautious and think about others on that plane.


#7 Use your own headphones

Because the headsets of airlines only get cleaned after a flight and then resealed. The germ invasion. So it is better to use your own. They are probably 100% better sound quality anyway :D


#8 Don't bore yourself to death

Bring a book or Kindle, your tables or iPod. Entertain yourself. What I even sometimes like doing is bring one or two little travel games with me and look for someone to play with, potentially my seat neighbour and play some games. Or card games you can play by yourself. Once you got to your destination you can give this to other travelers or leave it in your hostel for others to have a game night or whatever. There are lots of options :)


#9 Bring everything that makes your sleep better

To me a couple of beers and sleeping pills. OK, serious all jokes aside!

Sleeping mask, ear plugs, Neck pillow. All of this may help you sleep better. I never use any of those. Because neck pillows for example use too much space for me. And I sleep like a stone in any position that I am in anyway so yeh.  Oh a great hack that I DO sometimes use to have a pillow those little pillows on a plane aren't enough. ONLY take a pillow case with you, it doesn't take much space and you can simply put some clothing or airplane blankets in there and make a comfier pillow.





#1 Screenshot your travel directions

That time when you used your maps and your battery drained from 100% to 45% in less then 20 minutes. Simply take a screenshot of your directions and turn your data and/or location off to save battery.


#2 Biodegradable sunscreen

Did you know that you can't have normal sunscreen at some places? Yeh, I didn't know that either until I read this! So here is the best biodegradable / organic sunscreen you can find. Lorea is a french brand that I use for years already and their sunscreen is amazing.

Buy here: Lovea Organic Sunscreen SPF30 Natural Sunscreen Spray 125ml


#3 Empty chap stick for valuables

I got robbed in India, 4 times in one day. Excuse but does it say: hey, I need action please steal my stuff! on my fore head? Oh well but there were lovely people that helped me all the time and got my stuff back for me :)

But you know what here is a trick to now lose your money at least. Put little vluble things or notes into an empty chap stick container, I mean nobody theatens you and goes: "Yo bitch, give me your chap stick!". Although that would be hilarious. 


#4 Sunglasses case to store cables

Don't let your cables fly around in your bag. Store them in your sunglasses case or bind them together with a hair bubble or even a clothes pin to not get tangled up.


#5 Foursquare for WiFi passwords

 If you believe this or not, Four Square is amazing. Especially when you are out and about somewhere and all you find is locked WiFi spots or you have to pay for those. No worries, people share WiFi passwords so often on Four Square they probably also have the password of that little fish shop at the beach in Sri Lanka where you are stuck right now. Or other places of course :D!


Now guys, this was it. The ultimate mind blowing airport and travel hack list which is probably also the best. I hope at least :) And of course I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don't forget to share the love and tell others about it. Write in the comments below what other travel and airport hacks you have or have heard of or saw other people using. Again I could've written a lot more but I want to hear some things from you my friend. So don't be shy I don't bite.


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