My Pinterest Strategy - How I went from 5k to 40k views in less than 30 days

I know that you are frustrated because you just can't look behind all the strategy and how people get to grow their shit.

How they market their brand and blaaa.

Well that is the reason YOU are here my friend. Because I was just like you not too long ago.

I wanted everyone to notice me, check out my stuff that I post and all that jazz.


But how do I start? Well of course I thought let's check my competition. See how they do it and do it just like them.

MEEEH! Well that didn't work out. Why? Because there was someone like that already out there.

So I checked tips online and followed some of them.


That worked out ok but still didn't bring me the desired number that I was looking for.


*Little update to the blog title: Within the past 3 days my views have gone up by another 10k!*


But I got the hang of it and trust me when I say this:

PINTEREST is the ULTIMATE way to support your business and getting yourself out there. In my opinion. Others might think differently but that's them NOT US!

And because  I love you guys and I want you to have the same success like me, I give you these ultimate tips for FREE on how I grew my Monthly viewer numbers and with that also the Engagement numbers in less than 30 days.




This is a huge point guys. I can't say it more than enough.

Switch from your personal account to business account. It is super easy to do.

You want people to recognize your business? Then you need to treat it like one.

So do you with your social media account. Switch to business to get full access on your numbers.

See how many monthly viewers you have, how many engage with your actually fucking pins.

Where your audience is from etc etc.

This is especially good to target the right people at the right time of the day. So you can see what your audience likes and know where they are from so you can pin at the time they are awake.

This can also get done automatically with Tailwind. I will tell you more about it soon.



By that I don't mean to pin your usual 5 pins that you love.

No. A business is like a baby. You need to show it love and take constant care of it.

And don't be shocked with this number but pin at least 100 pins daily.

The more you pin the more Pinterest algorithm will show your stuff on the others page views or however I could

explain this to you guys. But you know what I mean. The more you post, the more Pinterest will show your Pins to others.



A rich pin is a pin which is linked to a website, however this needs to be approved by Pinterest.

You can validate your pint to become a rich pin by clicking here.

How to notice these buggers? Well that isn't too difficult. The title is bold and it has your Favicon on the side of the title too.



If your niche for example is Traveling (check out Sam And Vega) you can see that the boards are more broken down into specific topics rather then a general broad option.

It is too much for someones eye to go through a stupid board called "The World" just to look for a special pin within 1024253475 Pins. That's like looking for a needle in a stack of hay.

Bad! Don't do it.


*** Just a few side notes here!***

See what I did there with my board? I have also created little thumb nails for my boards.

Written the name on those in the same font I use for my logo and my header on my blog here as you can see. So I can keep my branding alive through my whole channel.

See the pictures that I am using for the board thumbnails? These pictures have a similar style to how I take my pictures and that so it will give of the same feeling to my Instagram.



Well it is about time then!

Follow me on Instagram.



There isn't much to say. I am not dumb and neither are you. In fact, everyone is pretty smart. Although

I do think people have the feeling I am dumb sometimes  but that's because I have my tactics. :D

However make sure that the pins you are using are all great quality pictures. Make sure all the links work actually and that the 

content is actually useful for your readers. NO HASHTAGS in pin description. It doesn't help your pins at all ok.

Make sure that you also pin your stupid pins to the correct boards :D

Some people just simply don't. I know it is common sense but it seems like it isn't to some :)



What is that you ask? Well I was hoping that the title would be self-explanatory but ok.

Well there are pinners that have boards where they invite people to pin the same stuff with them.

This is great exposure for you as you usually have hundreds or thousands of different pinners on those kind of boards

which are blogging in your niche. Or work in your niche. Have a business in the same niche.

Great way to expose your work and chat with others. MUST! 

Make also sure that you follow people with the same interest. Make sure you engage with their content.

Leave comments on their pins, share their pins and also make sure you engage with the big influencers out there.



Pinterest analytics is only for business profiles as already mentioned above.

But it helps you to get insides of who sees your profile yours pins.

Where are they from. When is the best time to post etc.

This way you can give yourself the best exposure and know exactly what YOUR strategy will be and what works best for you.


Here are the short cuts for you:



1. Create popular images that are:

  • bright
  • crisp
  • high quality
  • 736×1102 pixels
  • infographics
  • in popular categories


2. Get your pins seen by:

  • pinning from 2PM-4PM EST and 8PM-1AM EST
  • using keywords in pin titles, descriptions, and image file names
  • linking to your other social media platforms
  • adding the Pin It Hover button and Pinterest widget to your sites
  • sending your pins in newsletters
  • adding a call-to-pin in your pin descriptions


3. Engage with followers and influencers to grow your reach by:

  • pinning up to 25 times per day (at least 100 pins I do daily)
  • responding to follower comments
  • commenting on follower pins
  • following popular boards and commenting
  • inviting followers and influencers to pin on your boards
  • building influencer relationships
  • using “find friends” from Twitter and Facebook

4. Enable rich pins.


If you follow the strategies here and learn from the engagement you get, your Pinterest for Business account will continue to develop for the better, attract more of your target audience, and direct people to your site.

Happy Pinning!