A simple guide to starting a blog + Free Printables to get started


You want to start your own blog huh? That is great. But I will not sugarcoat it. Setting up a blog is easy. But everything else doesn't come falling from a tree OK? Having a blog can be tough at first. It can also be very rewarding. But you will get into it. Now that I hope I didn't scare the hell out of you. Let me first of all start with the thing I wish I knew before I started a blog so you don't get to do the same things and know what you are up to.


A list of things you need to know before you start blogging!


Listen my friend, I am a nice person but I like throwing my people into the deep end and be straight up honest. Starting a blog nowadays is easy. Anybody can do that. But not a lot of people start right the first time and fail. Since I want to prevent you from failing because I want you to live the life you want and travel forever. I will give you this GREAT list of things you should know before you start our blog.



If you have set up your blog already you see that you didn't instantly get famous over night because of this one great post you wrote. Nobody cares if you have ONE great post. People also want to see that you actually put effort into what it is that you do. It will take time, you will cry because you didn't get to your set goal and it will be nerve wrecking. But promise me this, NEVER GIVE UP! Having a blog is like a baby. A blog will take a hell of a lot of time and effort but if you keep going. It is totally worth it. (I have my blog for 3 Months and have been awarded with the Blogger recognition award twice) Dreams do come true.



If you use Wordpress. I gotta say and I might be the only one but Wordpress is complicated and not worth it. I hate it. I can tell you how you can set up a beautiful website for FREE (more tips later) wiith Jimdo. I have been working with Jimdo for years on several blogs and I can't imagine an easier or better way to create a stunning blog, website or shop and their customer service is great. No HTML skills or design skills needed whatsoever.



This one is easy. Simply be yourself. Just because you see someone writing in a particular style and they have 10k followers doesn't mean that it will work out for you. Do not hide yourself behind a stupid amount of layer of make-up or behind someone else's Instagram feed. You are reading this because you know you can actually do it. Just find your own fucking voice. Do not imitate someone. Please!



Now haha, talking about point number 1 where you didn't get famous over night. That's because you are a coach potato. You want everyone else to do the job for you. But don't be shy. It might be awkward at the beginning but you need to connect with other bloggers out there. May it be in the same niche you are working or a different niche. Get to know each other, learn from each other and most importantly trust and support each other. This is a major point for me. If you need me to help you know problem, I know how it is to just get started. I mean I just got started but I am starting at a good point so I am happy to help :)



Actually this can also refer back to number 1



Make sure that, whatever it is you are writing about. It is true. It is real. You use those services or products yourself and make sure you actually write a bit about it. Good quality pictures. Write in a way that catches your readers. Write as if you are talking to that one guy that is sitting there reading your blog right now.

Throw out the rod, wheel him in and....DONE! Great job fellah. Now let's get to the last point



Have a social media strategy. Have a niche you want to write in. You don't need to necessarily be specific for example. You are a Budget travel blogger. Wow there are tons out there. Specific: Budget travel blogger that travels anywhere for 20$ a day. You don't need to be that specific. You are a fashion blogger? Great. But have your own style. Brand your blog and social media. Talking about Branding here. As mentioned you will get a great list of printable's for your blog, there will also be more info on Branding and how to do it.



Now that you know what it really takes to get started and you still want to do it. GREAT!

Well then keep on reading to know how to set up your own blog in just a few simple steps.



This is always a tough one isn't it? Because there are so many blogs out there so many desired obvious names are already gone. But who wants to be ordinary nowaday?

Get creative. Don't stick with the obvious words regards to your niche. Let's take me for example. I have a travel blog. So I shouldn't stick to words like wanderlust or explorer or anything like that. Get creative google online for other words.



As I have already mentioned, you have to use Jimdo. It is for free (yes your domain will be xxx.jimdo.com) but you can upgrade it more to that later. But you don't have to install anything like on Wordpress. I hate Wordpress by the way I am fighting against them. There themes are super cute and professional. It is easy to redesign those themes to your own style with your own colours etc. No HTML or Coding or CSS needed. If you know it great, then you can make even more changes. Other then that Jimdo has everything. From plugins to webhosting. Everything! I swear to this blogging platform and so should you.



Jimdo has it's own webhosting. This basically means that you get your own domain like I have. xxx.com xxx.co.uk whatever, you get your own personal email address for your blog or website and everything is handled on your blog. Upgrading your blog ONLY costs 5£ that's a total of only 60£. It isn't TOTALLY needed at the beginning if you ask me. But if you want to be taken absolutely serious by brands and companies out there you should upgrade. I may not be absolutely famous yet but upgrading my blog to the Jimdo Pro has given me so many benifits and not only that. Jimdo then offers you even more options of designs etc.




Branding is more than just the color scheme you want to use across your graphics, your blog theme,your social media channels.It is about the message you want to deliver to your readers and clients. What makes you so unique. Why should they read your blog? Why should someone want to work with you?

Making your blog look nice. I guess we are both clear on that point. Do not overload your blog with ads and pictures and things that don't belong together, keep it clean like your teeth.




Well and last but not least simply start writing and get your posts out there. Make sure you write a minimum of 500 words. Have some nice graphics that can be easily posted for social media platforms like Pinterest or Facebook. Your posts need to be SEO friendly so make sure you check out the basics.


Below is the download thingy where you can download an awesome package of selfdesigned printable's to get your blog/brand and everything else started.

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xo, Selma.