How to become a Digital Nomad



And I hear that god damn often. I am so jealous, how can you do this. Oh shoot your mouth. I can do you, you can do it. But yes you indeed have to start somewhere.

I will tell you how you can become a digital nomad but I will also tell you the ugly truth about it.

Although I do like sitting at the beach sometimes and write these posts, unfortunately shit loads of times it isn't like that. This is the hard truth, not like some people tell you to draw your attention and sell their products.


But let's start further down here....


» What is a digital nomad? «

As per Wiki (copy + paste) - Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.[1] Such workers typically work remotely—generally from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces and even recreational vehicles—to accomplish tasks and goals that traditionally took place in a single, stationary workplace.

To say it in my words: We Are Awesome! No, all jokes aside. Basically a digital nomad uses the INTERNET (wizardry I call it really) to get his work done wherever he would like to be.

Sounds fantastic you might say but how and where does one start?
Oh well, luckily I am nice and I want to share all this so I will type until my fingers are all bloody.

Let's get started.



  • You can travel the world. I would say this is the greatest aspect about being a digital nomad, working remotely. I get to be wherever I want to be in this world. May it be in a Cat Cafe in Seoul or in a park looking at le Tour D'Eiffel.
  • You can be your own boss. No annoying voice in your ear telling you, you are late for work. Being able to do things at your own time.


  • You won't get rich overnight. Becoming a digital nomad and just quitting your job and living in Maya Bay. That's not how this will work. Before you can establish yourself you will probably work most of the time. Yes I worked (sometimes still work, but that's because I love it) 70% of the time. You will cry, you will fail and you will sweat tear and work hard. Because whatever it is you want to do online. It is your business, your baby and before it can grow you need to take care of it. Simple as Banana split! (I don't know why I said that, I just love banana split).
  • Some might say being lonely can become an issue. Like missing home etc. But I have never felt that way, never had it so I never had to deal with this issue.

» Quick ways to become a digital nomad «

  • Move your work online. Have a job where you sit in front of your PC and no one would notice that you are gone? Well go and try to strike that deal of your life with your boss. 
  • Become me. Not literally obviously. I am too weird for you to be like me. But a blogger...You can definitely become a blogger.
  • Buy an existing business. Yes you can even do that. However this can sometimes be very risky. Think about it, why selling a business if it works well right?
  • Seasonal jobs. I did that for some time. I did seasonal work. I worked 6 months and then traveled for 6 months. Great isn't it?

» What is your skill and what do want to do? «

Never say never. You can do whatever you want. You just truly have to believe. Wow, I should become a motivational speaker at some point maybe.

What are the skills you are really good at? What are you passionate about? Maybe some skills were required in your previous job which you loved but you want to be your own boss? All good options.

These skills can easily get you your first customers online, ever thought of that?


But what about evolving those skills even more?

Well have a look at the following resources for self-studying, paid courses or maybe get a degree in your desired skill.

However please always stick to this one rule:

Always do what you are passionate about. I mean, I am guessing that's 99% the reason you are here right? You hated your old job and want more from life.


» Blogging:

The Bloggers Association

How to start blogging E-Book


» Learning or practicing skills:

Course Buffet





Graphic Design School

Programming: Principles and Practice


» Advertise and market yourself «

As dumb as this may sound to you, but how will people know about you and those great skills that you have if you don't let them know. You are your business. You are your brand. So get some profiles on some websites ready for your freelance work (for example) and start getting in your first clients. Check out some of the websites here that I used just a few times and that I got recommended by others:


People per hour


Simply Hired

Matadoru (Forum + Job Board)


Remote OK

Working Nomads



Create your own brand and business out there. I know you can do it. I will teach you more on this too.


» Seek for help in your community

There are lots of website and even Facebook communities out there that help you establish yourself in the digital nomad world and Entrepreneur world. Here are some recommended Facebook Groups and websites that I use.


Ultimate Travel Group (FB)

The Millennial Entrepreneurs (FB)

Female Digital Nomads (FB)

Digital Nomad Entrepreneur (FB)

Web Work Travel


Digital Nomad Community


» Plan this amazing lifestyle «

Every new life that you start you have to start from scratch. You have to plan this all they say.

Well at a certain age maybe. But I am still just going with the flow because at some point everything always falls into place. But that is also because I work for it and don't think that I let everything get thrown into my face.

The following things need to be considered:



Check the cost of living in the country, their culture, do you need a visa to stay there?

Check Wikipedias Visamap for any visa questions. Or simply google for example:

"Visa requirements for spanish citizens".



This also depends on what your passport is and where you would like to go since it is for example: easier for European citizens to stay as long as they want in any country in Europe and it is also simply to get a long visa  or any visa really for any country.



Check if there are requirements or if anything is even needed in your desired destination.


And last but not least, your GADGETS.

I am sorry but no digital nomad can work without these right? Otherwise you are just a nomad.


» Where do you want to be «


Since we have gone through all the steps now on how you can become a digital nomad, let's get to the last and most important point of all this.


See where you want to be in the future. What is your long-term goal?

It also gives you an ultimatum to work towards which means you will work even harder to achieves this goal by that time or if you are really ambitious, before that time.


» Create a blog

» Open a small online shop (Etsy or Amazon, e.g)

Best products to make a passive income for this are things like

Online courses, E-Books, Digital Products etc.





As I have mentioned before at the beginning of this post. You won't get famous or rich overnight but pursuing this life style is definitely possible. Proven by me and so many others.

So don't let yourself down just because you don't start off right away. It will take it's time, usually I see everybody really getting off with their blog for example at the 1 year mark. So work hard and get yourself out there.


I wish you all the fucking best and lots of success!


Don't forget to share this post, your thoughts, your love and any other tips that you might have for me or others.

I always love reading those kind of comments.


xo, Selma.