7 Must-Have Travel Apps I cannot live without


Do you remember the time when you were stuck in this tiny fishing village in Vietnam, nobody spoke English, you had no maps with you because we live a life of technology so we don't need maps and you couldn't find your way out? Well that was me one time because I couldn't find a great maps app to download. And since I don't want anything like this or anything else happen to you, I have for you my 7 best and free travel apps that I cannot live and travel without.



This little fellah helped me out a lot of times. You know those moments when you have been traveling so often with the same packing list and you think "Oh I will not forget anything anymore" moments?

Some of them will always happen because guess what? You have a brain. Yep, shocked huh? Well that makes you human. BUT, that's where Packpoint comes it. 


This app is wonderful tbh.

This baby will automatically create a packing list for your desired destination, duration and the kind of activities you will be doing. Great huh?

For only 2£ or 3£ you can upgrade it once and you can edit those automatically created pack lists with your own items. Like that you will never forget a thing.


Download: Android / iOS




No need for writing down what your flight number is, when your flight is, where your booked hotel is at. No more checking the times for anything. Once you booked your flight, hotel, rental car or whatever TripIt will access these info automatically from the confirmation emails and adds these to the app. It gives you real time updates, and gives you a short notice a few hours before desired activity starts.


I don't live without this app. Why? Well Gmail one day decided to delete all my emails one day before my trip. Luckily I had this app and was able to retrieve every information of my flights.
They also have a premium version but that was never needed for me. Free is enough.


Download: Android / iOS




A community of millions of travelers, couples, "tourists", kids, whatever, that have traveled the world and tell you their recommendations in any place in the world. How freaking great is that? No only is TripAdvisor great for attractions but also for Hotel bookings, Rentals or booking tours. I have booked so many Tours through TripAdvisor and I will keep on doing so.


It is perfect and thanks to these honest reviews you will know if you should go and it in that shabby fish hut at the beach or not.


Download: Android / iOS





Praise the lord and thank him for the people that have created this AMAZING gift. You think I am over exaggerating? Nah, then you must be a Google Maps user. Buuh!

You my friend need to upgrade your life. How this map has helped me out of situation sometimes is great.

You can use it with WiFi or simply download the map of the country or a specific city and you can use it OFFLINE. Yep! An offline map. Not only that though.

It shows your everything from monuments, museums, cafes, attractions, ATM's, shops, everything. This maps literally shows everything a travelers heart desires. And? If there is something that the map doesn't have,

you can simply add it on the map right away.

Google maps? You are out! That was your third strike.


Download: Android / iOS





Simply because you should always a flight app on your phone. In case you last minute decide to change your route, plan or whatever. And since I swear to Momondo being the best, use this app to find the best flights. And the cheapest. Make sure you open an accounts because you then can save your favorite flights if you are not ready to book yet.


At a later point you can simply open up that flight and it will look for the latest price.

Talking about Momondo being the best, let me show you why by telling you how I find the cheapest flights ever!


Download: Android / iOS




Not only are foreign languages sometimes a pain in the ass but so are currencies aren't they? I mean who goes to the office and goes: "Ah ok so 1 € is about 55 pesos, so this bottle of coke..."Like what the fuck? No, nobody wants this. XE currency is great because it has live rates so it is great to always stay on track and you can also use it offline. It just makes life easier especially when you want to know what the value of the item is you are just about to buy.


Download: Android / iOS



There are so many great accommodation and hotel apps out there. But in the end booking.com is and has the best prices and their app is super fast and user friendly.

Trust me by saying you should also open an account with Booking.Com because when you then log in into the app, and I swear to my life, it takes you less then 2 minutes to make a booking. I make 3 clicks and I have my room booked. Especially great for last minute bookings maybe? :)

Oh if you decide to open a profile with them, click here to get 15£ off of your next booking.


Download: Android / iOS



But now back to you. Are you using some of these apps already? What do you think about them? Or what do you think about these apps if you haven't used them yet? Will you use some of these? Or do you have any cool apps that I may not have heard about yet? Tell me in the comments below, always open for new suggestions.


xo, Selma.