Why you shouldn't plan your travels without these resources


These are all products and companies that I use myself or where I get recommendation from other travelers that use these sites.

I think I have got some useful tips in here and great products and services that you can use and that help you along with planning the perfect trip.


The best Flight Search Engines

Momondo: This flight search engine is hands down the best one to use. Like ever! It keeps finding the best prices / air fares for me. Yes on rare occasions i saw a cheaper price elsewhere, but usually just by 2 or 3 GBP. By the time you get to the website though, the price usually goes down again on Momondo. Super easy to use. The best way to find the cheapest price. 100%

Kayak: Just like Momondo, Kayak is great and super simple to use travel search engine. It gives you an info based on average prices, if you should book now or still wait. You can click in the search bar what kind of card you will pay with to see the extra fees etc. So yes, all in all a great way to get along. Not only for flights but also for hotels and a lot more.


Other great options to add to your flight search:

Secret Flying is a page where I signed up for their newsletter to always stay on top in case of air fare errors or special hotel deals etc. It is really worth it. This page has saved me big $$.

My top sites for your accommodation

AirBnB: Although Hotels are great they can sometimes be very pricey and you can feel isolated at times. And Hostels are simply not for everyone. AirBnB got you covered. You can rent rooms, share the accommodtion or rent a flat/house of local people and you don't feel disconnected from your destination. You want 25£ off of your next booking? Simply click here.


Booking.com: Hands down to me the best search engine for great hotels, hostels etc for a great price. You can make a booking within 2 seconds if you have the app and website so you won't miss great deals. I can only recommend Booking.com By the way, through me you can get 15£ off of your next booking.


Agoda: Agoda is just like Booking.com, so I won't repeat what I said to the left, because that would be stupid. The only downside I have about this site is, that it shows you the price per night, and on the next page it changes the prices because tax wasn't on that yet. But other then that, great site and easy to use.


OneWaySelma: This is my own website and my own business that I have started. It treats you like for example Trivago. However I have special rates that are 15% cheaper than the other websites. I have started booking a lot of my hotel nights through my own page. And it is super simple to use.


Other great alternatives: Hostelworld, Trivago, Couchsurfing,


Want to travel the world without a plan at all? Well, that is how I travel. Want to know how it works? Check out this post.


Finding your transportation methods

Rentalcars.comYou are thinking about doing a road trip but you don't have your own car? Well why not just rent one through Rentalcars.com! These guys got you covered, with an easy website to navigate through and great prices. All you need to know is that the driver needs a credit card and a driving licence. The guys in the call center are super friendly and very helpful.


BlaBlaCar: Need to get somewhere but there is no bus or train connection? Why not share a car ride with someone who might actually goes in that direction. It is convenient, cheap and you get to know great new people.


Rome2Rio: Rome2Rio is a great website as you can look up the route you would like to take from one to another destination and it checks flights, bus and train prices and shows you how long each route would take in average. Easy to navigate.


Über: HANDS DOWN! And hallah with me because Uber is THE BEST taxi app ever. It is cheap and it is reliable. It is available almost everywhere in the world and usually helped me out of the most situations. Yes you do need WiFi but so do you for almost all other apps too. Also great? So freaking cheap!

Android click here

iOs click here


Learning basic language phrases

To me it is always important to know either a few basic words or phrases of the local language. May it be thai, hindu, italian or russian. Not only is it a sign of respect to the locals that you are trying but you are also learning a new language. This is a super awesome Win-Win Situation. So let me introduce to you the resource that I use for this.


Duolingo: This app is brilliant. You have the choice of I think around 15 languages so far and Duolingo keeps expanding too. It is has a user friendly surface, this app app for free but you can also have it as a desktop version and it is super simply to use. I learned 3 languages with this app and I intend to keep doing so.


Lonely Planet: This seems like a weird one but for the ones out there that don't know this. Lonely planet books have a phrase and dictionary section in the back of a country book. It is awesome :) And right now they have halloween sales going on. E-Books for only 6 Euros/5 Pounds so click here  to get your instant discount.


Other great resources: Rosetta Stone (quiet expensive though), Memrise 

Sidenote: If you have any questions about any of these companies or websites, please do not hesitate to contact me as I personally recommend them and use them myself. Also some of these links are "affiliate links". It doesn't cost you any extra money if you book or buy anything through those links. It just means that I get a slight commission of them for promoting the product and that's how I can keep this alive. So if you love being here, please book or buy through my links to help keeping this blog alive.

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