How you can go traveling with these money saving tips

It's the same shite over and over again isn't it? But how can you afford it? What if you run out of money. Traveling is so expensive! Where will you stay?! I hate such close minded people that are afraid to see what options are out there. No matter how old you are.

And to be completely honest with you, it isn't easy. It is difficult to safe money but if this is something that you really want to do then keep that goal always in your head.


But hey less of the head-rage and more to my tips on how you can save money for your trip.


» Cut your living expenses «


1st. NO STARBUCKS, COSTA or anything alike

Stop having a 3-4£ coffee. That is like what? 120£ per month on an average. That's what..almost 1500£!? JESUS!

So stop going there and spend 5£ once or twice a month to get a jar full of instant coffee or whatever and make it yourself.

It ain't as bad as you think. Just stop being lazy!


2nd. Cook for yourself

Instead of meeting your friends out for dinner and spending a minimum of probably 20£ per meal with drinks or even more, invite them over to a dinner at your house. a) It will probably taste a lot nice and b) your can even cook together and make it a dining party for a 1/4 of the price.


3rd. Sell everything unnecessary in your life

Sell your Xbox or PS4 if you rarely play with it anyway. Someone would love to. Sell old DVD's and Games. Or even old clothes that you don't want to wear anymore. That also means you won't over pack when it comes to your trip and you de-clutter your home. WIN-WIN!

This will cash you in some extra $$$. Maybe even your car, so you also don't have to pay for taxes and insurance.


4th. Unsubscribe your memberships

Stop paying off your contract on your phone and switch to Wifi only or pay as you go.

Unsubscribe from gym memberships and do your gym stuff at home. You get the hint I guess.


5th. Yes this is awkward but...move back in with mama.

It safes you the rent. I know it is a pain in...well...the butt, but hey think about your dream! You have to do everything for it. Or if you really don't want to do that, consider getting someone that moves into your room or flat so they can pay the rent. Or life in a shared home so you don't have to pay a whole flat for yourself.


6th. Avoid public transport

If you live close to work like I do, walk it. I live 30 minutes walking away and it is great for your body and saves me 50£ each month on the metro.

That's another 600£ per year. And if you really can't avoid it because you live further away, check if you have any colleagues that work at the same time as you and live around your area. Maybe they can pick you up on their way to work.


» Before you start traveling «


Check for free accommodation or cheap accommodation

You have family or relatives or friends out there? How wonderful maybe you could ask them to stay for a few nights?

Bonus: They can also show you around town or village or wherever it is they might be living at.


Cheap or even free accommodation is possible, you don't always have to book a hotel or hostel room by yourself. We all should know by now that there are PLENTY of options out there.

Below is a super small list of websites and communities that offer FREE accommodation or it is super cheap. In my opinion it is always difficult for first timers to get out of their skin so IF you really want to book an accommodation for a night or two this website is your best bet for the cheapest price.


Couchsurfing: Couchsurfing is a great community of people that offer a bed, a room, a sofa (whatever is available) to other travelers for free. Of course out of generosity you should maybe bring a tiny present from your home country or the place you last visited. But this is for free and you might even make friends for life.


House Sitting: This is where house owners lists their homes for the time they might even travel themselves and you can take care of it by doing little things like e.g: gardening. And you can stay for free.


AirBnB or TripAdvisor Rentals: For short term rentals. Listed by people that privately own these properties usually let you rent out their rooms or even whole house/flat for short term like a few months if you wanted to slow travel :)


Camping: Well it is for free. Wild camping is usually allowed everywhere. Or if you see a house nearby maybe ask them if you can camp in their garden? I wouldn't dare doing that in Winter though. I am like a walking Popsicle.


Cheap or even FREE flights

Yes even that is possible. Free flights sound unbelievable huh?

Let me tell you how to get cheap flights or even free flights.


Get a Travel reward travel card: I have a British Airways American Express. Online I always pay EVERYTHING with this card because with every GBP I spend I get an Avios point for flight miles. Once I have enough miles I can get a free flight or upgrade. Great right? Read more about travel credit cards here.


Flight hacks: I always find the cheapest flights. Read here how I do it. Trust me, just follow these simple steps. Also make sure that you sign up to airline newsletters and air fare errors newsletter like on Secret Flying. They sometimes also have great deals.


Planning for your travels? Well check out these 7 amazing travel apps I absolutely can not live without! 


» Several other money saving tips «


Bank card with no transaction feeMONZO is the BEST in this. No transaction fees. You don't pay anthing for taking money out and ATM abroad. I never pay additional fees if I pay in a different currency. It is brilliant. And it instantly tops up with money and gives you instans updates on how much you have spend and how much is left on the card.


Do it like the locals: Away from the high street restaurants and off to the street food stalls. Eat outside of the city center or in a local kitchen. 


Avoid public transportation but only where possible of course. I don't want you to hike 10 miles to the airport. Unless that is how you travel.


Check free things to do like free walking tours in the city or visiting a museum. Sometimes buying a city pass (especially staying in your desired destination for a few days) can save you some bucks. As transportation is usually included and also museums that usually cost an entry fee.


Work while you travel. Not only are you saving big time with my tips above but if you work while you are traveling you can even GET money. Great huh? Check out my posts about Jobs you can do right now and travel full time.


Well guys, these are my most famous tips that I use and other travelers too. So these are fool proved :)

If I have forgotten something or you have some more tips for me and others please let me know in the comments below and don't forget to share this if you love it :)

xo, Selma.


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