Travel Insurance - Which is the best and what should I look out for?

Travel insurances can cover you for everything while you are away, from medical costs to loss of baggage and trip cancellation, so it's an absolute must.

Nothing may have ever happened to you before on your journey. 

But if you haven't gotten around on buying your travel insurance yet, don't worry because it is never too late. You can buy your policy up to the day before your trip starts.


1. Limits on trip duration

When you are looking for a travel insurance please check the policy on how many days you will be covered for. Limits vary on the provider of course, and if you go over your this limit, even just by one day, you will invalidate your insurance policy.


2. Destinations that might be excluded

Some policies might included countries like Turkey or Egypt under European Cover and others won't.

Worldwide cover meanwhile doesn't mean that you are covered for the whole wide beautiful world, but it doesn't insure you in the US or Canada for example. So make sure you check these kind of things.


3. Conditions you might have

It is very important that you are honest about any conditions you have. Keeping the mouth shut about it can lower the costs for your coverage, or because you haven't had problems recently to disclose them because this can also invalidate your insurance.

If you need to make a claim the insurance has the right to get into your medical records. If you disclose something then...OUPS!?


4. The limits on your claim

Checking what the value of your travel equipment is, is very important in case of a claim when you have lost your wallet for example or need to cancel your trip.

Ensure that you have enough coverage amount. 

Usually you will look for something like this:


250£ for lost money

1500£ baggage coverage

2500£ cancellation cover or just simply enough to cover the costs of your holiday


You should also be aware if there is an excess and if this amount is per person/per policy or joint cover.


5. Missing your flight

We have all been there, well I haven't yet WHOOP WHOOP but some people have due to delayed trains or being stuck in traffic. Unforeseen disasters can happen. Although this is not your fault a lot of basic coverage do not cover your for a new flight.

So be aware of the small print!


6. Cancellations
Although you can buy your travel insurance policy on the day you are jetting off, it can pay to buy it at the same time as booking your holiday. By doing so, you'll be covered if you need to cancel your holiday due to illness or redundancy, for example. 

Remember to check exactly what situations your policy will pay out for, and if you're unsure, ask your provider for clarification before buying the insurance and take your policy documentation with you when you're away so you can refer to it if necessary.


This is what a policy should always cover:

  • Coverage for money loss
  • You should be covered for most countries
  • Coverage in any emergeny cases
  • Medical costs should be also covered
  • Loss of Baggage and Cancellations
  • 24/7 Help Line

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