How to travel Budapest - My top sights

I always love arriving in a new City may it be in Asia, Europe or wherever in the world. The best thing is that I never need to figure out by myself how to get from the airport to my hotel or hostel. I always meet someone on the way that takes me with them. Because I needed it in Budapest for sure. This city at night is a horror to get away from, especially at 2 AM and no Uber :D. Why is this fucking airport about one hour away from the city? But hey this is about how awesome this City is, so come and check it out below.

Day Number 1 was absolutely awesome. The weather was great although it was supposed to rain all day and be cold. So Budapest really wanted to impress me and it really did. I have decided to not do too much every single day that I am there and actually enjoy this city deeply with all its different fassades.


Now I am trying to travel as cheap as possible but if I like to spend money that I hardly earned, then I will do that also. However  I don't like to take public transport if I can walk everywhere. It keeps you healthy, helps you safe money and you get to see and feel the place a lot more then you would taking public transport in my case.


Since my hostel "White Rabbit Hostel", and yes I have actually only figured out why it is called that after the end of my trip :D, was right in the city center. I was able to walk anywhere and everything is so close by in Budapest. The people are super lovely but can also be the most annoying or most useless people. Now I love straight talking and the people that don't like it up until now, should click that little red X in the corner of their browser. Cheers, see you soon.

*Side note about the hostel: This is a beautiful house where the owners still live in. They barely speak any english but have an open mind and heart, these two will be the most wonderful people you meet trust  me. The woman is super lovely and an amazing. If you are nice she might give you food just like she gave me food to try :)


Now to the people that have stayed, congratualtions you might be waisting your time. And if you are not, well then that is awesome and I hope I can keep entertaining you. 


Before I came to Budapest I thought I should read up a little bit about it and I was impressed with all the history of this place especially because of WWII.

I love getting lost and most people forget about this but Budapest is not all about the Chain Bridge. Yes it is beautiful especially at night. But none of these Bridges is as magestic as the "Liberty Bridge". This bridge is beautiful and way too shadowed by its big brother, or sister or it I shall say, Chain bridge.

So I am walking along the Danube and istantly get this majestic view over the whole side of Buda, onto the castle, the Fishermans Bastion and Chain Bridge. Majestic Buildings with barrock structures everywhere. Building that torn down that you can see and feel the horrible things that have happened in this city. But I couldn't help myself but to just stand  next to this little Princess statue that reminded me so much of myself and to just overlook the city with joy.

The  shoes on the danube banks

Running alone the Danube I finally found the shoes on the Danube Banks. This is a memorial to all the people that have died during the Holocaust.

Now I understand that this is an attraction and people want to see it and take pitures. However, I was hoping to fin more quietness and piece there. Toe feel the history to give back a bit of piece you know. But of course it was over run with mainly chinese people that threw their rubbish there and people just couldn't leave it but to just sit or stand and just think for a second and just reminise in the memories of what this place has gone through. However I took my time to sit right next to it and just overlook the river and imagining how this city was 60 years ago.

Walking further down I came to the Hungarian Parliament. This Parliamment is actually the biggest in the world or in Europe. I can't remember but If any of you still know, just leave a comment at the end. Now this is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen in Europe. It actually makes you feel like Hogwarts. it is really awesome and so worth a visit. You can get your tickets here if you really want to go inside. Oh and one super awesome thing you should not forget to doo is to watch the guards changing. I don't know when or at what time they do but but I was literally walking around like a grandma with a walking stick, jaw drops and stuff simply walking around this building and then they started their changing of guards. It was so much fun because the music is awesome and it almost looks like a dance when they do it.

What would a trip be without...

You guessed it right, FOOD! My boyfriend would actually laugh his ass of right now because whenever we talk I am eating. Which is constantly actually. That's only because I have a passion for cooking and therefore I am always on the hunt for great places to eat. Funny thing is that my guts just tell me where to eat and it turns out to be the best food in the whole town/city/village wherever I might be at that moment.


So for Budapest I loved going for lunch or even dinner at the following places.

Fruccola - A place with only healthy shit. So if you are a health junky this is the place to go. Fresh juices, fresh produce you literally get rolled over with health.

I had this strange chicken soup with veggies and stuff but it was delicious. I also had a lovely breakfast there. The environment and the making of that shop are fabulous. 

Price Range: $ - $$


Europa Cafe - I love this place. You can not miss it when you are in Budapest and you want to eat some traditional hungarian dishes. The staff is suuuuper friendly and they even taught me some hungarian words. Below you will find what I ate. This was a platter for one person but definitely too much for me. This course was included with either a dessert or a coffee. Goulash is one of their proper traditional dishes. And these guys know how to make them. It is right on the busy famous market / shopping street so it is easy to find.

Price Range: $ - $$


London Coffee Society: This cafe is run by some really friendly people, it is tiny and in the middle of the Budapest Ghetto who's wall you need to see and read. There food is very artistic and the combinations crazy but so delicious. And their coffee's? First class!

Price Range: $$


I could write about some more places, but these are my most favourite ones.

I will give you a list of things that I saw in Budapest and that I think you should definitely see and do as well, also with some pictures so you can see that it is actually worth it.

  •  Budapest Castle
  • Strolling along the Danube with some sandwiches, chill on a random bench and enjoy the view
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • Chain Bridge
  • Liberty Bridge
  • MUST: See Budapest at night
  • Great Market Hall (Watch out, it is very crowded and if you try to eat there you will most like get elbowed, da fuck!)
  • Hungarian Parliament (Day & Night)
  • Liberty Bridge
  • Gellert Bath (This thermal bath is so beautiful)
  • For Sale Pub (This pub is crazy, people leave there signatures on anything they can write on and the staff will hang it on their walls)
  • Go to some Budapest Ruin bars (This are old buildings that have been turned into awesome bars)
  • State Opera House
  • St. Stephens Basilica
  • Chilling on Liberty Bridge with a drink of your choice at sundown (The Sundowns there are breathtaking)
  • Budapest Ghetto (And have breakfast at London Coffee Society)

Btw, I found the Budapest Ghetto on the Cafe by getting lost. And then I landed in the jewish quarter. So yes, this shows that getting lost is the best thing you can do while traveling. And the people are most of the time very friendly and can help you out if you really need to go somewhere specific.

But for now, this is it and these are my recommendations.


Ps.: Some of these are affiliate links, so if you buy anything through those links or make a booking I get a slight commission for it. This does not mean that the prices will go up for you. The prices will still be the same, it doesn't cost you any more money. This just means that I can keep this blog alive so if you want to support me and this BORING but still AWESOME blog, then this is the way you can do it. Thanks for listening once again you.

Although I still have the feeling that you might think I am a weirdo.


Pps.: Yes I am one.


Pops.: Share this with anyone that wants to go to Budapest or simply because they have been and maybe they can give some more tips on this post or simply because they should read it.



Selma :)