This Is Lisbon - The real deal through local eyes (NOT OURS)

You see, I am addicted to cities. Especially cities that have a beach and potentially the mountains. Well basically for me to fall in love with a city it must almost have everything. That's why I hate Madrid. It is an ungly city with nothing special in the middle of no mans land.

Madrid was just aweful, did you never have this feeling with a city? Well you won't with Lisbon I promise you that.

Ok I said it will not be through our eyes but admit it, this title was pretty catchy huh? ;)

However, of course the main attractions are going to be here too but 99% of this post are about the real Lisbon.

For this I had some help of my friend Pedro. Pedro is the most chilled and happiest person I have met. Very laid back and he works for a company called We Hate Tourism Tours.


Erm hello? How awesome is that freaking name? However some people, like the guys in the group I was with didn't really get the title.

So if you are one of those tourists that follows the crowd and can't look behind the fassade to see what people of Lisboa (and yes that is portuguese) are seeing, then you are not made for this. The real beauty of it. Portugal and Lisbon especially haven't really had any tourism until the past 3 or 4 years.


The city was falling apart, people were moving to Brazil and on this tour Pedro has showed us some amazing examples of how Lisbon used to look like around 2008 compared to now. The difference is astonishing. Just gotta open your eyes. Pedro himself and money travelers always say, go get lost. Don't follow the map and if you are actually lost you can always ask the locals for help.


They are such a lovely bunch of people and super caring.

Like two people approaching me telling me to take care of myself and that I need to watch out here for the waves etc.

That was very lovely. The reason it happened is because I was laying over a damm wall I shall call it and the waves usually break really high there and can take people into the water.


Do not miss out on an amazing Bifane. This is a pork sandwich which is traditional in Portugal. This is a mut eat. I loved off of it the whole time I was there. It gets super addictive. Wanna get an upgrade on these? Try it with bacon. The best place for this is a restaurant called "H3"

The address is: Rua Almeida E Sousa 31A. (That's near the hostle I stayed at).

But check Tripadvisor


So with no further ado, please see below some incredible images of Lisbon. How people see this city. And some with my eyes too of course.


PS.: If you have someone that wants to go to Lisbon, share this with them and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send me that stupid message that you were supposed to send 8 posts ago :D


PPS.: We Hate Tourism Tours are the best guys to take a tour with. They show you the REAL Lisbon and open your eyes if you are not one of those tourists that is blinded. The money goes to help the community. It's an abosulte wonderful thing they do and the tours are absolutely worth it.


PPPS.: If you still want to see some touristic pictures (BUUUUH!) please see below :)