Valencia vs. Barcelona - Which City is better?

I always thought that wasn't a hard question. Having visited Barcelona before, I fell in love with the city as it gave out the vibe that I wanted. Having now been a bit around Spain, I gotta say some cities have simply been forgotten and been put in the shadow by their sister cities. And Valencia was the AHA moment that I hoped to find in a city. But let's check out which of these cities will win the match!



Let's start with you Valencia.

I started my journey by taking the bus from Barcelona to Valencia. The journey took about 4 hours but with some sleep in between time went by fast.

But as soon as we have hit the streets you saw all this beautiful barrock buildings and colours. These massive parks, pure sunshine.

It struck me like a lightening, Valencia stood for too long in the shadow of its massive sister Madrid.


Once I checked into my hostel Center Valencia Youth Hostel, which I definitely recommend staying at. It might be basic. But you will meet such nice people, the staff is amazing and the location is right in the historical city center. It didn't take me long to figure out where to go and there it was. This beautiful place just hit me hard in my face. Take a look.

Work towards the plaza and find the majestic barrock church and a massive statue fountain in the middle. To the right there is a great place to have lunch at. Unfortunately I forgot to write down the name of place but it is next to the Restaurant "Petit Bistro". This is the only place at this square that offers a lunch menu. It was 12 EUR for a starter, a main and a dessert or coffee. It tastes great and was amazing value for money. 


So many beautiful museums are free and hidden in between little side streets like "Centre del Carmen".

Valencia is not absolutely huge in comparison to its sister Madrid. But it as everything. The romantic vibe when you sit with your spouse at a restaurant for dinner and someone spanish dude comes along and place a beautiful song. If he can sing as well then that's another bonus. You can walk anywhere you want in Valencia really. Let me drop you some more pictures to show you how beautiful Valencia is. These pictures may not be enough for you, but just fucking go. If you love Madrid, you will jaw drop when you see Valencia. This is where I fell in love.

Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias - The city of arts and sciences that's what it name stands for. Unfortunately it got a bit darker by the time I have arrived but it still looks nice don't you think. Once you get there you might be a bit overwhelmed the  architecture of those buildings with these turquoise pools are so beautiful. In these different complexes you will find  a cinema, a concert hall, god people even had a wedding when I was there. And now hold your horses together, it has the BIGGEST aquarium in Europe. Well worth a visit

This is Torre de Serrans. Not much to say about it really well at least not from my side. But you see where I am going with this? The people are so much nicer then anywhere in Spain so far. Such a romantic city. Valencia, I have definitely lost my heart because of you! Thanks, I guess..

I was thinking about doing a post about Valencia vs. Madrid but since my camera broke I wasn't  able to show you any pictures and to be honest. I didn't enjoy Madrid as much as I thought I would. So I thought I make it hard for myself between Valencia and Barcelona.


When I first visited Barcelona I was right away impressed with the city, glowing up with colours and it's beautiful Park Guell.

Check out the Parc with its beautiful views over Barcelona :)

Coffee with a croissant in the morning, a nice lunch during siesta, chilling at the beach and then meeting up with some friends for tapas or dinner on La Rambla. Clearly Barcelona has it all. But at a second glance, I have to say that I am not that impressed with it anymore. Yes the beach might be nicer than the one in Valencia. But Barcelona doesn't have a bit of the romantic, small town that I am looking for in a big town. 


Everything is crowded, people constantly bump into you and are in a hurry. All that fascinated me at first, but I guess I was wearing my pink glasses that day. Horrible. But anyway, I am not implying that Barcelona is horrible. Absolutely the difference. It is a great city.. I love just being at the beach, seeing all the surfers and the skaters. Hoping to be like them, remembering that I suck in Skateboarding (not anymore by the way) and just fall flat on my face. 


I bet you are like: YEEEES! I wanna see that! Well let me tell you, you won't. But you can see some of the beach and other things in Barcelona.

Barcelona has an amazing range of beautiful architecture, an easily understandable and accessible metro link  and a beautiful vibe.

And although I love Barcelona with all it's wonderful sights, Valencia has absolutely won this challenge.

It has everything. Romance, love, it is walkable, tons of history and historic buildings. I am sorry to say this but next time you are going to Spain, do not miss out on this beauty. So much better than Madrid especially.


PS: If there are any Barcelona or Valencia lovers out there, please share this and let me know what you think in the comments below.



Selma x