5 best Jobs you can do from anywhere RIGHT NOW!

Sitting in an office with a screen in front of me for the next 8.5 hours of the day without any sunlight, hearing the same stupid questions of annoying customers. Having to come home being all frustrated and angry because you are stuck in that office. That was my life for the most part and I hated it. So I have decided to quit my job so often and just go traveling but never knew how to do it forever.

That's why I have started blogging.

But let me give you some ideas on what kind of jobs are out there that you can do right this second form anywhere in the world.

#1 Blogging

This is something that I do and if you do it the right way you can make a good living out of it. The benefits? Well let's say it this way. I am in Barcelona right now at the beach writing this post for you. I didn't need an alarm to get up and I get to be anywhere I want at the time I want. I am not saying this to make you jealous but for you to wake up and do what you love. A blog isn't the easiest thing but once you hit it off, you are at the right place.


#2 Teaching

May it be you being an english teacher in Cambodia, or teaching people languages online or you teaching other people a skill that you have e.g. playing guitar,  or how to build houses out of match sticks. There are people with the weirdest obsession out there which you can make money with and all this by being anywhere you want to be. You can list it on Craigslist or even on sites like Shopify where you can sell your services.


#3 Translator

You speak english and potentially 1 or more languages as well?

Well perfect, why not sell this service as well like you did above or become a freelance translator. Ask at restaurants to translate their menu in exchange for money of course. There are thousands of bussines online that need translators. Go out there and look for them.


#4 Writer

I guess being a writer is a very brought topic but let me break down what kind of writer you could be.

Copy writer


Travel Guide writer (or any Guide writer) in this case

Although being a writer is a bit tougher then others, especially when you haven't really done that before, make sure you pay your dues and write some articles before you apply to be a writer so people can get a taste of your writing style.


#5 Designer

You can use photoshop, corel draw or any programm and love designing things?

Well then this is a great job for you. Open a clothes store online for example or make some logos and banner that you can upload to and get others to contact you if they want to get a logo designed by you for their business. One hand washes the other.

There is no shortage on that market and lot's of offers.


There are so many more options out there, but these are the best and I hope you enjoyed reading it like I actually did writing it for the first time. *Jokes.



Ps.: If you know someone that hates their job and want to break out, share this with them. It might help them to get motivated and some ideas of what they can do!