My City Guide - Barcelona in less than 24 hours

I know the feeling of having maybe a super long layover or a one day stop in between. That was me with a massive delay of 14 hours in Beijing in 2015. Luckily I have met someone on that flight so we decided to get our 72 hour free visa and explored Beijing.But what can you do with that time? Well let me show you what Barcelona has to offer in 48 hours or less.

First of all, Barcelona is/can be cheap if you know how to.

So why not start of the day with their great deals in their cafés where you can get e.g a coffee and a croissent for 2.50 EUR?

Great deal right, it gives you a great kick to start of the day. The best places are always just around the corner and every 200 meters, so simply keep your eyes open on that one.


Yes people always say "I don't want to do touristy things". But you will still bloody end up doing it, because that's why they are there and they are the reason you go to those places so keep your buts together. Go and visit Parc Guell.

It is such a beautiful parc and the view from the is gigantic. The parc is for free unless you want to go and visit Gaudis masterpieces of Mosaic which are under constructions right now. Nevertheless, you can still get pictures of his beautiful work from other spots without paing a penny. By the way, walking up almost 200 stairs (they aren't 200, but it feels like it) is absolutely worth the view.

If you want the view over Barcelona with less "tourists" go visit Bunkas D'Horta.


Sagrada Familia - Yes I know I know, that church has still not been finished building. But hey apparently they want to finish Gaudis work by 2020. Only took them 300 years. Well done guys. But yes, in less than 48 hours in Barcelona you should definitely visit it. It is a stunning piece of art, even though it hasn't been finished yet. If you do consider going inside, which I highly recommend, make sure you prebook tickets online for about 15 EUR/11GBP.

The official website for the tickets is here.

You are in love with another city? Like Valencia for example? Well, then this post will surely be for you. The battle between Valencia and Barcelona. Which city is better?

There isn't much I can say about this part really but when you walk towards Park Guell, there is a little park. Stroll through it, it is super cute and you can hear the parrotts constantly.

Casa Mila - this is one of 100 masterpieces of Gaudi in Barcelona and you simply can't escape it. And you shouldn't. Why would you? Gaudi and his crazy designs and colours. I  wonder if that guy was high when you made all his stuff. By the way, if you think about it, this building isn't even old. It was only build 1906 for the Mila family. So, go go go. You can find tickets for the entrance into the House with this link.


For the evening, head down to La Rambla to get some nice dinner. If I would recommend something it would be a restaurant called Bopan, not only is the food and the service great. But it is also the cheapest out of all of them. May you be a tourist or a local. La Rambla is for everyone and needs to be in your itinary.

Something you should definitely visit, because it is underrated and people don't go and see it is the Arc de Triomf. In the evening it is even more beautiful with its lights on and nobody is there. SELFIIEEEE!

I love going to places at night that are usually overrun with people during the day.

And don't EVER forget the beach! Why would you go to a city that has a beach and then not use a couple of hours to sit, relax and get a Mojito by on of the guys that is walking around offering you one of those.


PS: I know there is probably so much you can do in 24 hours, but I didn't want to put too much into my day. As I didn't want to race around. So this is more of a relaxed 24 hour day in Barcelona. However, if you know someone that wants to go to Barcelona for a weekend or maybe has a long layover, don't forget to share this.


And of course if there is something I forgot or you would do this one thing instead of another, let me know in the comments below what it is. :)


xo, Selma.