How to find cheap flights

Right, now let's be honest. We always talk about that traveling isn't expensive and it doesn't have to be. But IF there is  something that takes the money out of your travel funds, then it is the flights. But there are some tricks that you can use to save big $ on them. Some people have one trusted site that they always go by because they find the cheapest flights there. However, I am a junkie when it comes to saving money and that means to me I also don't care if I have long layovers.


Actually having those is quiet cool, depending on where you are you might be able to get a transit visa or a visa for free for 72 hours (like in China) and you will be able to see and visit the city you just landed. So having long layovers does have it's perks. But let's start with the way that I find the cheapest flights ever.



This baby up here looks more complicated than it actually is trust me. And it is vital information to me and all the other travel hackers out there.

ITA Matrix Software, by Google. So let me start with an example so you see how I got about this and how I find my deals.


Let's say you want to go toooo...Bangkok. Right? I mean who doesn't :) And since you want to be at any place for as long as you want we do the following steps.



Since for me London is the biggest airport in the UK, making it cheaper to fly from there I choose this as my departure and of course Bangkok as my destination.

Now on step 2 you will have to click on "See calendar for lowest fares" and a date from which you like to depart from. So I chose January the 1st. This program will now look for the cheapest day to fly out from, from the 1st of January until the 1st of February.


In Step 3 you need to make sure that on Stops and Extra Stops you have "No Limit". It isn't necessary to type in the currency you would like it to be displayed but I prefer it so my head can calculaate everything. I am a bit OCD when it comes to shit like that. Details. :D

And hit search.



As you can then see on this screenshot or on the next page of the web, you have some highlighted orange Numbers. No they are not high, or drunk or partying. These highlighted numbers show you the cheapest days to fly out.


Remember! This is for one way only right now. Not return.


So let's say we want to fly out on January the 22nd. Matrix ITA shows us an average price of 316 GBP for a one way flight from London to Bangkok.



The next thing you will have to do is go to a flight search engine of your choice. As you might be able to see up here, Momondo is my most trusted flight search engine. I am so thrilled every time when I get the best deal on this page. Trust me, Momondo is cheaper than anyone in my opinion.


So yeh, go to your search engine and type in those dates etc and hit search. You see what a fantastic price I got out of there_ Almost 60 GBP cheaper than on Matric ITA even. And this works every single time for me. So yeh guys, there isn't much to tell.


This is really it. This is how I get my amazing deals on flights. As mentioned this is only a one way flight right now but this is also possible for return flights.

Simply click on search exact dates if you can only go on special dates and don't forget to click on return on the top tab. Or click on check calendar for cheapest fare. The system will then ask you when you want to fly out and how many nights you would like to stay at your destination. (Best option if you need a return flight).


Another thing I do is to look for air fare errors.

There are great resources that give you infos on hotels and flights that have fare errors and with those you can sometimes save 100's of $.

These are the websites that I use. Make sure you sign up for their newsletters so you get the instant news about any errors and save big money.

Fly4Free,  SecretFlying



I signed up to almost every frequent flyer program that is out there to get flight miles. These are a great addition to get your flights for free or simply maybe just an upgrade to business class? Who wouldn't want that ey ;) ?

If you are from the UK get a Tescos club card. I don't know if you knew this, but when you collect points with them you can convert them into Avios points to your Avios account or to your British Airways Executive Card, that's what I do.


You should also consider getting a travel reward credit card to get flight miles faster.

More about that is covered on this page. - How to find the best  travel credit card -


P.S: Some of these highlighted links (e.g. Momondo) is an affiliate link. This doesn't cost you any more to book through those links. Do the test if you want. This just means that I get a slight commission by that company for you booking with them through my link. This is the only way I can keep this blog alive. So if you like me and my work and want to support me please book through those links.


P.P.S: If you know someone that always spends way too much money on flights, don't wait to share these tips with him.