Traveling without a plan


Traveling without a plan. Wait you are planning your trip right now? Good. Do it. I always do it just because I like to think I have something in my hand. But I remember in 2015 when I went to the Philippines. I had everything planned out for my first nights. Where I will stay and what I will do. But I then met someone during my flight and the vibe was cool and thought this will be an amazing experience. Then it was touch down time, I burned those plans in my brain and went with the flow. Guess what. THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME that was.



You see I am a really organised person usually. Or I like to pretend I am I guess :D

But yes, when it came to traveling I used to plan everything. Where I was going, where I am staying, how long will I be staying, what is there to do and what will I do. So the whole spectrum. A -Z.


But when I went on my first trip solo, I felt so free that I couldn't resist but throwing all my plans over board and simply go with the flow. Traveling teaches you a lot to do that. Of course there are lots of different kind of travelers out there but when I say travel without a plan. You should at least do it once in your life.





Simply because it gives you so much flexibility. You learn to just go with the flow, not to get angry with situations that you can't change anymore like missing a bus or flight. Or losing your mobile phone.

Yes at times it can be scary, but you are never alone. You meet so many beautiful people along the way, fall in love, fall out of love. Hit the floor, get a flu, get well again and keep on going. But all this can happen in your comfort zone too.


Get out of your normal routine. YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE GOD DAMN IT.

And if any of you are going to tell me that you are too old, them I am sorry to say this but you are blinded by everything the media has pummed into your brain. Once the travel bug bites you, you can never return and there is no vaccine.

 Traveling without a plan gives you flexibility to change your "plans". 


I remember when I was in the Philippines I have met 2 swedish guys and they were quiet cool. Still in touch and all that. Oh another great thing about being by yourself, you will probably make friends for a lifetime. But anyway back to my original story.

So we were in Manila and the guys decided to  go to Palawan whilst I went to Legazpi. Once in Legazpi I was thinking about going to Cebu but the guys have hooked me upp on Facebook and asked when I am coming. And I said you know what, this was my original thing but fuck it! I am coming tomorrow.


So I flew there the next day whilst the guys were waiting for me, although they wanted to keep going. We then traveled together for a couple of days and then split our ways again. NO ATTACHMENTS and great friends are met along the way. In travel, less is more. Spend a longer time at a place to really feel the rhythm of life.


Trust me when I say this. Once you made your plan and touch ground in your destination. Threw your plans away and just go with the flow.

Trust your instincts. It will probably be the best thing you have ever done in life.

What's next

So now that you know that you really want to travel and you shouldn't follow your plan, then check belows posts for some money saving tips and maybe how to become a digital nomad if this is the lifestyle you desire.