The ultimate Carry On packing guide


It depends on what kind of traveling you do but I recommend to not overload it.

I travel as light as possible and so should you. So if you have a check in bag and think you need a carry-on then I urge you to get a Tote Bag or a small foldable Backpack. And you for sure need a Liquid Pouch.


---------------- The Wearer ----------------


  • Thin and breathable joggies or leggings. Like McHammer Pants or simple flowy Joggers :)
  • Compression socks to stay healthy (Because the cabine pressure can clog up your blood)
  • Baseball cap or a beanie (to make a bad hair day look good after a long flight)
  • Shoes of course (Best are slip on shoes)
  • And a nice thin sweater or cardigan, because again we don't want to over do it.

---------------- The Eater ----------------

  • Although you get food on long haul flights for free but not on intercontinental flights with budget airlines, it is always nice to have a few bars with you. Anything with nuts to keep you and healthy.

---------------- The Good Looker----------------

  • Although I keep myself on minimal to no make-up at all when I travel, some people need it so i advise you to bring a mascara to make those lashed go cabooooom!

Can I even say the good looker? Well, copyright by me now!

---------------- The Hygenic one and The Hydration ----------------

  • Tinted Moisturizer - I use the Nivea Tinted Moisturizer. It gives me a nice glow without making my face look cluttered by 50 KG of make-up like other girls. I always wonder how they don't fall face forward. And it moisturizes your skin at the same time and makes you feel awake.
  • Lip Balm, to keep those plumy lips hydrated and moisturized.
  • Water Bottle (I especially love the Vapor Ecplise) since it is foldable and doesn't take space in your luggage
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes, they come in cute little carry one lugagge sizes and are perfect to clean yourself up with every now and then, refresh and clean that TV stick and screen infront of you if you are scared of germs :D

LOL I come up with more and more words

---------------- The Refresher ----------------

  • Mint
  • Travel Deodrant
  • Panties (There is nothing nicer then a fresh pair of undies after a 38 hour flight to New Zealand for example)
  • Tooth Brush and Paste of course. One can only go with the other. Although Oman Air has these things ready packed for their customers on some of their planes I have to say


---------------- The Entertainer ----------------

  • Headphones
  • Laptop or Tablet
  • Charger and Adapter potentially. But I never needed and Adapter because they had USB charge everywhere
  • Phone


---------------- The Don't Forgotter ----------------

  • Passport
  • Purse & Credit cards
  • Valuables should always come in your hand luggage
  • Travel insurance
  • Medications
  • & copies of important documents and emergency contacts

I know this post will help you to have a great flight, may it be short or long. The force will be with you.


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