How to travel when you are broke

I just wanted to give you some insider tips on how you can travel when you absolutely have NO money at all or just the few pence that are dangling around in your pockets. Anything is possible.


Housesitting or Couchsurfing

Not heard of it? Well stay for free with locals on Couchsurfing by them simply given you a place to stay and you get to know new people and insider tips of your destination that no other traveler / tourist will know about. It's awesome.

House Sitting is a great way to save money too. You basically stay at someone's house while they are away by doing some simple tasks like: feeding the cat, watering the flowers etc.


Here are the Links: CouchsurfingTrusted House SittersMind My HouseHouse Sit Match

Shimizu Island, Palawan

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Yeh Yeh, It is dangerous..You don't know these people. Blah Blah.. You know how often I heard this? Just trust your guts and instincts.

Simply hitchhike to your destination or hope for someone to stop on the road to help you along the way.

Money spend? 0!


Free Walking Tours

You want to learn something about the city you are in? Almost everywhere in Europe you get to do free walking tours.
I have done one when I was in Dublin and it was so awesome. I can only recommend it.

Or simply get shown around by a local and make new friends.

Useful Links: Showaround


Work Abroad - Teaching or other Things

There are great opportunities to get a job, short-term, long term or in exchange for things.

What I sometimes do is to just ask at a restaurant to clean their dishes for a bit and therefore get a free meal.

Or offer to work at the hostel in exchange to stay for free for a night. All things are possible.


Eat with Locals

Sharing-Economy is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Share your day with a local, in their home and eat fresh cooked local food.

YUMMY! Who woudn't love a proper Paella made by the spanish Grandma!

Resources: Eat with LocalsWith Locals


As you can see, there are a lot of options possible. Sometimes it takes courage and getting of your comfort zone.


Randomly ask if someone needs help

What I like to do is to randomly ask if a local needs help with someone and there I can maybe pitch my tent on their garden or for a free meal.

I do the same thing with hostels, offer them my time for a couple of hours and therefor get a night for free. Most of the time you get the breakfast for free as well then. Or go to a restaurant and ask them if you can clean their dishes for a couple of hours and they prepare a lovely dinner for you for free.




Being broke means that you are almost out of money but if you have a few bucks I have another great tip to save money.

Almost everywhere in Italy you get free snacks and sandwiches with your drink at Lunch time.

So get yourself a water or an ice cold coke on a hot day in Cinque Terre and enjoy a lovely small platter of sandwiches and olives and other things.


Same thing in the Basque Country. They have a thing called Pintxo. Usually during the evening time you get these awesome thing. Get yourself a drink and a little snack for around 2.00 €. And they taste amazing. Go around every bar as each bar serves different foods. 


I hope that I was able to show you that there are ways around it to not spend money.

I am guessing that you will try them now. Let me know which experiences you have or maybe if you have more ideas, please share them with us. 


I am happy to update my posts :)


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