It's more fun in the Philippines

I guess I have mentioned before that I am just not a fan of writing really.

So i decided to keep most of my blog posts very simple and straight forward with mainly pictures. If this can not

get you to the Philippines then I don't know what does.

Cheap as hell, absolute paradise and the people are the friendliest you will meet. 

NAGTABON BEACH, Palawan - Rent yourself a scooter in Puerto Princesa and literally just drive to the opposite side

of the island. Barely any people. And no tourist there at all. You get some lovely waves too for the extra fun factor.

P.S.: The sunset is absolutely stunning there.

SHIMIZU ISLAND, Palawan - Crystal clear water and an under water world so beautiful even Ariel will get jealous.

MANILA, the capital - If you like Bangkok, you will like Manila. This is the view from the Z Hostel.

These guys are like family to me and i frequently stay there. There rooftop parties are legendary.

LEGAZPI CITY - Black Beach, the volcano and great ATV and Zip-lining tours await you here. Be aware to wear flip flops

as this sand will burn though your skin like a hot knife through butter.

NAGTABON BEACH - again! Sorry I had to show you the sunset.

EL NIDO, Palawan - Ps.: You can only find his piece of beauty if you go out on a kayak ;)

SABANG - Known for it's floating bars on the sea, and it's crazy undersea life. The snorkeling here and the diving for the massive

mussels or whatever you want to call them if a thing you have to freaking do. I befriended myself with a turtle there :)


I would show you more but this will go into a different post :)