This will make you want to visit Turkey!

As I have said before, I am not keen on words so I am not going to leave you with a massive paragraph of nonsense because you are going to skip it.

Well ok, maybe the 85% of you will.

But since I have done that trip last winter I feel even more in love with the country that's in my blood.
Turkey is so diverse and can offer you anything. From beaches, to monuments, to nature. Anything you want. Turkey has got it.

Its people are so friendly and welcoming. 

And the best thing of all?

It is so easy to get around and cheap as well. So check out my pictures and I hope to convince you to visit this place.

ISTANBUL - The only city in the world inhabiting over 10.000.000 citizens on two continents.

How can it not be more beautiful and more interesting than this city. 

ALANYA - Do I need to say anything else about this view on the ocean, with the mountains in the background? Well be prepared to do alot of climbing tho.

ANTALYA - very much like Alanya, this city has got a beautiful view from the top here and as you can see it can serve as a beautiful

background for the wedding pictures. It's got beautiful architecture, great food and lots of shopping. Make sure

to visit the old city of Antalya.

CAPPADOKKIA - Don't forget to visit this beautiful place in summer with its hot air ballon rides AND in winter when

everything is covered in snow. It's both got its beautiful sides.

With their fairytale rockformations and also the funny looking once. *HINT* If you see the camel, don't forget to take a kissing picture.

ISTANBUL ... again! - which other city could be as diversed as Istanbul? This city has literally go everything.

If I would write down why you should visit Istanbul, i'd be sitting here until tomorrow. The list can go on and on.

And this beautiful monument? That's the Hagia Sophia.

KASTAMONU - This is the city I am from, and its beautiful scenery. No more words needed I guess?

By the way, we have an airport there so you can get cheap flights from Istanbul to Kastamonu with either Turkish Airlines or Pegasus airlines. Or go on a bus ride :)


OLYMPOS - They even have a turtle egg sanctuary kind of thingy right there! And some stunning ruins. 

Btw, make sure that you get lostin there, you might find the same orange trees like I did and they are organic and so


PAMUKKALE - So beautiful. Even in winter. Unfortunately you can't step in there in the winter as water is gone.

But on the side there is a hot water stream where you can sit. So get yourself some Turkish tea and enjoy this hot spring. Especially in winter. The Pamukkale hot springs are a MUST to visit in Turkey.



PS: Trust me when I say this, despite what they tell you in the news. Turkey is the safest country to travel especially for solo female travelers like me. So share this with anyone to convince them that Turkey is still magical.

Would love if you share or comment on this if I missed something :)