To travel is to live

 You found your way to this boring blog. Unfortunately now that you are here, I will have to make an introduction.

Well, I am basically doing this because I have nothing else to do with my life and my

psychologist said I need to find something useful (although I still don't know if blogging is useful to me.) Now that I made myself perfectly clear, I will talk about Sam and Vega. If you just look up a few inches you see a sidebar, well more of a top bar in this case (stupid joke). So obviously I am talking about Traveling (like solo travel) and how you can travel full time. However the best way is to start here.

So now you can either leave, stay or ..  yeh I don't know. Feel free to do whatever.

Errm. . .Enjoy?! 

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How can we help you travel more than before?

And yes with WE I mean my magical unicorn and I (Yes they exist and yes I have one)


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how to start a blog
how to safe money
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